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How to Always Have What You Need!

We have all we need within us. As within, so without. Our world reflects our ability to RECEIVE. But how do we soften when there’s so much fear or when we’ve had to fight and work hard to get our needs met?

Stay tuned for this episode of MindBody TV to enter a space beyond fear where Wisdom comes in, resources flow fluidly, and all our needs are met as a reflection of our inner connection, willingness, and receptivity!

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Do you have all you need?

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about how to receive all that you need. She also shares what “wholeness” means and how to access it.

Often, the mind has a lot of ideas when it comes to the things you need to have for you to be whole or fulfilled. And when you find yourself not having those things, you live in a state of fear or lack. But that is not how it works.

The only way we can be free to live more fully is by letting go of all the ideas we think about who we are, what we need to do, and how we need to be. Unfortunately, most people are living in the fabrication of these three things. They do things that aren’t their heart’s desire. They do things that aren’t coming from the awareness of what brings them joy.

Being in fear is the main thing that keeps you from living in wholeness – whether it’s wealth, health, love, or whatever kind of resource. To really receive all we need, we have to be open to allow it to come through. Here are three things you should do:

  1. Get out of the mind and into the heart. – There’s a big difference between your heart’s “true need” (which brings ultimate fulfillment and expansion on every level) and your mind’s “wants or desires” (which is what the mind thinks is required for you to be in happiness and fulfillment). The problem is, we’ve been trained to be in the mind even though it doesn’t have to be that way. But it’s okay to let go. The first step to receiving what you need is through getting out of the mind and connecting with the heart.
  2. Access what’s going on and meet it. – Take a few deep breaths and let light come into those spaces that you’ve now opened to. Simply be open to receive!
  3. Expand into a greater level of abundance. – Let life be the reflection of what you’ve grounded into and stay anchored there even when it’s uncomfortable. It will feel expansive to move through it and feel suppressive to run away from it. The recalibration into a higher frequency is often uncomfortable at first, but keep in mind that the discomfort is the old energy and pain releasing!

Having more energy and health in your body is about harmony. It’s all about receiving and releasing the resistance that keeps your body from being in the state of health. When energy moves through the body, it doesn’t block health.

Your energy reflects your ability to receive.

You have all you need within you. 

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