Take a course at home to revive your energy, reverse disease and raise your consciousness.

The Instant Elevation Program

Tools for expansion anytime, anywhere! Tap into the power of your AWARENESS as the key to your health and abundance, source your BREATH to instantly activate healing. and raise your CONSCIOUSNESS to allow the chemical, cellular, and brain changes that open all new possibilities and restore health!


MindBody Solution for Anxiety

End anxiety and enter well-being easily. Easily stay at peace with challenges and triggers. Have success come easily with less time and energy. Stop taking on other people’s energy and release the old traumas so you expand into joy, freedom, and ease!


MindBody Solution for Anxiety

Use MindBody Medicine & EFT to get to the root of your pain and release it. Finally live free of pain!


MindBody Resources for Kids

Specifically designed for kids with anxiety and the adults who love them! Get a whole new awareness of what’s really going on with behavioral problems and release anxiety for good! Tools for kids to use anytime, anywhere to release anxiety and physical symptoms. Resources for parents to assist in the process! If you’ve felt powerless to assist your kid, this is for you!


MindBody Solution for Anxiety

Gain back your energy and revitalize your body using MindBody Medicine & EFT to get to what is underlying your symptoms. 


MindBody Solution for Anxiety

Being an Alive Woman is an effortless way of living so you embody the Light that brings vitality to your body and abundance to your life.



MindBody Solution for Anxiety

For conscious practitioners to achieve business expansion by increasing your personal frequency so infinite possibilities can be carried through your work to those you serve.





Use this prior to sleep to release stress, leave your day behind, and enhance depth and quality of sleep.




My favorite MindBody tool you can use to instantly bring your body into an elevated state. When practiced regularly, you will develop the ability to access your inner power on demand and allow the health, energy, and harmony that most fulfills you.



When you feel just "off", upset or anxious or want to prep yourself do something important or transition, use this audio to achieve immediate alignment with wellness.