The MindBody Toolkit E-Book & Online Training Program

The MindBody Toolkit E-Book & Immersion Program

Watch this video to see how The MindBody Toolkit will ignite your body’s healing capacity so you increase your energy, end anxiety and release pain!

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The MindBody Toolkit is a wonderfully powerful book that I highly recommend. Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Christiane Northrup, MD

New York Times Bestselling Author

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The MindBody Toolkit
Immersion Program

The Videos


The MindBody Toolkit Video Program
consists of 10 online videos where I assist you in
reconnecting with your inner health and vitality.

Video 1: In the first video, you’ll realize and integrate just how powerful your mind is and the control it’s had in keeping you unhealthy all this time – and how to reverse your symptoms.

Video 2: In the second video, you’ll integrate the concept that your experience of life is entirely within your own control. You have the ability to make your life what you want it to be.

Video 3: The third video will guide you in shifting your brain activity and allowing it to assist you in creating the health and life you want.

Video 4: In the fourth video you’ll start using your words as a powerful tool to shift your body chemistry and accelerate your health.

Video 5: The fifth video is all about using the power of your mind to support you instead of working against you. This tool opens up the untapped power in your mind to unlock new possibilities in your body that you didn’t know existed.

Video 6: The sixth video will show you how to let go of the struggle, so you easily receive solutions instead of working hard to find the answers.

Video 7: By the time you reach the seventh video, you’ll be ready to set your ultimate outcome. Here, you will get clear on how this struggle has been guiding you into greater wellbeing, vitality, and possibilities than you ever imagined.

Video 8: In the eighth video you will open up to the most powerful source in the universe and allow that to continue to heal your body and life.

Video 9: In the ninth video you’ll tap into your passion and allow it to guide you into receiving more. Connecting with your body this way ignites your health so you overflow with energy instead of being depleted.

Video 10: The tenth and final video will show you a whole new way to live that is effortless and releases struggle forever. This allows your body to open and expand, instead of exerting energy to make things happen.

The Audio

Connecting With the Body to Heal is a group call I did with my Embracing Health group. We covered:

  • How to connect with your body’s wisdom
  • Releasing fear so you function from truth
  • Coming to terms with your mortality to live freely
  • Getting out of the mind and into the heart
  • Releasing fear of rejection
  • Reopening your heart after having been hurt
  • Releasing old ideas about working hard
  • Accessing your Infinite Self

You don’t have to do it all at once, but do set time aside when you can be present to the audio and allow this work to integrate. This will be a very powerful transmutation.

Plus, get access to the MINDBODY COMMUNITY Facebook group for assistance with any questions! You can also connect with group members to receive extra support!


I never knew this was even a possibility for my life, doctors told me I’d never be cured.

“I have had Chronic Lyme Disease along with major thyroid problems, a dangerously low white blood cell count, muscle soreness, extreme fatigue, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, insomnia, and from all the antibiotics I was on I had constant nausea, digestions issues, and other lovely side effects. My immune system was nonexistent and I was in terrible health. I constantly felt awful, every morning I would wake up and wonder how I could get through the day. This was all while I was trying to push myself through a rigorous college program and balance a toxic relationship.

I resisted my illness so aggressively and tried so hard to fix it, it kept getting exponentially worse. I was stuck in this extreme state of anxiety, fight or flight, gogogogogo, doing what I thought I “should” be doing. I was a master in suppression and it made me miserable and so sick.

I bought your book, watched hundreds of your videos, and little by little started to see my life change before my eyes.

My body has never felt better in my whole life. My symptoms are 100% gone. I feel healthy and vibrant. My lab tests are clear-no more thyroid problems, white blood cell count is restored, adrenal functioning is optimal, B12 and iron back to normal, lyme cells are lower.

My body completely healed itself. I dropped the toxic people out of my life and found the most incredible humans in the world. I started doing volunteer work that fed my soul. I landed the job of my dreams in the middle of a pandemic. What?? I never knew life could be this fulfilling.

I love myself and my life in ways I never DREAMED possible. This is only the beginning of what is going to be an incredible journey.”

-Cassandra Kolstad | April 2020

I had been on and off anti-depressants and medication for attention deficit for years. I was struggling with hormonal issues, hypothyroidism and an overall feeling of imbalance and depression. After this work with Dr. Kim, I am now off all antidepressant medications, and off medication for attention deficit. I am able to focus and enjoy my life in a way that I have not be able to in many many years!

Andrea Perella

Career Mom

I was depressed, felt tired all the time, and hadn’t worked out in months. I was about to quit my job and wanted more time with my boyfriend. Now, my relationship is thriving, I love my job and am doing hot yoga 3 times a week! I feel awesome and my body feels fantastic. This work seemed too good to be true, and it was even better!

Arlene Broussard


I have been doing the ABC as mentioned in Dr. Kim’s toolkit for the past 2 weeks – set a reminder on my phone 3 times per day and I feel amazing! My aches and pains are near to gone, I am sitting here now pain free and I have not felt like this for years! Thanks so much!

Donna Coulthard

Getting out of the shower this morning, I went to clear the drain – a habit since, for the past couple of years, every shampoo has resulted in an alarming amount of it falling out! (A type of alopecia brought on by prolonged systemic stress, I was told.) Imagine my surprise today, at finding NOTHING blocking the drain; I had to search to find the perfectly normal 6-10 hairs that had left my scalp! I suspect my body is happy with having less medication to deal with, but I don’t really even care WHY it’s happening. I’m just glad to know I can re­grow my hair!

Pat Maurer

In the past week I have been healing rapidly of extreme fatigue and multiple neurological symptoms which I’ve been struggling with off and on for four years. My deepest thanks and appreciation to the Dr. and this community. Much love to all!

Megan David

Today I had my monthly appointment with my naturopath, who practices a highly accurate version of muscle testing. (She recommended the Mind Body Toolkit to me initially, and has been supporting my journey.) Today I asked her to muscle test some of the mental tools I’ve been applying, to help prioritize which are the most effective for me. Using blind testing (she didn’t know which tools I was using) the Ho’Oponopono tested repeatedly as so restorative for me that she finally said “Whatever tool you are using, keep using it! I don’t have anything on my shelves in liquid, powder or capsule form that is more powerfully restorative for you.” 

Imagine that. After all the diets, all the pills, the treatments and the detoxes, the most restorative thing is FREE!!! I share this here for those who can’t afford (or don’t have access to) external confirmation for this work. I also share this so I will have it written down for myself -should I find I am again focused on “results.” I have so much gratitude for these tools, they are powerful!

Alissa Helton

Wow. I am feeling relief from anxiety that has been with me my whole life, but more intensely the past 3 years. I started actively engaging the MindBody Toolkit practices 3 weeks ago and I am noticing that I currently am feeling SO much less anxious. In particular, I always felt it as an intense pain in my heart. That is gone. I get bursts of the anxious feeling again, but just allowing it, breathing… takes me through it. It’s incredible. I’m making healthy choices for myself with no effort – that usually seemed so daunting. Incredible! Can’t believe what this is doing for me and it’s such a beautiful way to approach Self and Life! Still have a ways to go with my energy and ability to really feel well rested but feel so hopeful and overjoyed at what it’s doing for my anxiety!! Had to share and encourage others – this is real!

Coryn Joy


  • Digital copy of the book
  • 10 video training series where Dr. Kim walks you through the tools in the book
  • Connecting With Your Body To Heal Group Call with even more insights
  • Access to the MindBody Community for assistance

ONLY $29

Want the Paperback version?
(Purchase on Amazon, does not come with our program)