Mindbody Solution for Pain Release

Ready To Release All Pain From Your Body?

This is for you if you experience...

  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Fibromyalgia

  • PMS or Pelvic Pain

  • Persistent Infection (EBV, Lyme)

  • Migraines or Headaches

  • Lupus

  • Arthritis

  • Neuropathic Pain

  • Digestive Illness, Inflammatory bowel/IBS

  • Trauma Related Pain
It's time to send a new message to your body!

Your body has the ability to heal itself; it just has to receive what it needs in order to do that. Instead of fighting disease, we'll support your body in RECEIVING all it needs to heal!

In this program, I guide you through exercises to transmute what's causing pain and illness, so you heal effortlessly!

We'll release from the ROOT
​​​​​​​so you can FINALLY live FREE from pain!

You'll experience:
Being free from chronic pain, even if it's been there for years
A release of chronic illness, infection, inflammatory disease, or autoimmune disorder
Getting to the root cause of your symptoms so you don't have to keep working on yourself
Releasing the need for rigid diets, medications, and complicated supplement programs and live in ease
A whole new relationship with your body
Here's what you get in the program:
To transmute pain and dis-ease at their root cause.
Learn how to do EFT Tapping on your own and know exactly what to tap on.
Watch Dr. Kim to answer questions and give guidance.
Take your time and go at your own pace. 
A Whole New Perspective
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Transmute Pain and Illness​​​​​​​
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EFT Meridian Tapping
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Heal Your Body With Love​​​​​​​
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Fall In Love With Your Body
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3 EFT Tapping videos to release self-rejection, fear, and shame

BONUS Guided Meditation to Release Pain and Illness

In this meditation you will be guided to release suppressed energy, old beliefs, judgments, and past hurts and traumas, and open the body to allow the fluid flow of energy and release of pain and disease. This audio is also encoded with healing frequencies which support your body in the release of lower frequencies and the integration of healing energy.
"After all I’ve listened to with Dr. Kim something landed completely different for me in my perceptions of working with and allowing the pain and physical symptoms, and loving on my body while listening to several of the sections.

My body became my ally last night in a new way. I had a very intimate (not sexual) and loving experience with my body just by gently and slowly touching my skin as Kim taught in the videos. I did this for a long time. I closed my eyes and got into a zone of breathing, touching my skin and allowing the pain to be ok and it was incredible. I felt so connected and supportive of my own body. Its felt as if I’ve been starved for that love and gentle nurturing touch on my own skin in full acceptance of myself.

Keep in mind I’ve been married, touched, have kids and get plenty of hugs. Something was different about giving the acceptance, gentleness and nurturing to myself in this way while aligning and on the same team as my body instead of feeling underlying resistance to the pain. I let the physical pain be ok last night. I’ve worked with welcoming and embracing my emotions so much but this was different in allowing the physical pain and symptoms. I feel like I met something new in me for the first time just a bit more.

I woke up this morning with pain and did the guided meditation for the pain relief, along with touching my skin very gently and it felt incredible again.

I’d highly recommend this pain relief course! I’ve done her chronic fatigue one, and others too. This had some different perspectives, or at least for me and where I am. 😊💛 I’m hoping this new shift continues and brings more awareness and freedom in my spine."

- Deanna Chesley
"I've struggled with fear, anxiety/panic and pain for about 4 years now after a traumatic incident. Being a mental health professional, I've always felt so much shame around my symptoms because I think I should have this figured out by now! But with Dr. Kim's solutions within this program, I immediately felt supported and comforted through her EFT tapping for fear, shame and pain. The most valuable thing for me is to have tools to turn to when I'm in the grip of fear and panic over what I'm feeling. I often slip into hopelessness and victimhood. These tools offer me refuge from these painful thoughts and emotions so that I can create a more loving container for my symptoms to reside in. After the first EFT video I felt the sense of unconditional acceptance start to move in and realized that this is all my body truly needs to heal. I felt like I had direction in my healing and a sense of possibility back. I still feel symptoms, but I know through practice and seeking refuge with these tools that my body will slowly start to feel safer and safer. I'm so grateful for such a cost-effective and succinct program to turn to when I'm overwhelmed by my sensations. Thank you Dr. Kim!"
- Jenny Shufelt
"I'm sharing some of my insights from the MindBody Solution for Pain Release. I asked my body where the fatigue was and it went to my sacral/base chakra areas, which is what I might expect as its where I feel fear, but then it showed me all the other areas involved ,like a bit going up my spine and where I get pain in my neck and shoulders, back of head, eyes and ears. Then the surprising thing came which was the core of it was in the base of my spine and it felt excruciatingly sensitive - the base of my spine isn't even somewhere I ever get pain! But a memory came in of a fall I had (many years ago) age 14, when I bounced a couple of times on the base of my spine, down some steps into a swimming pool, also the associated subsequent chiropractic treatment I had on it was involved too. Most of the black energy I saw completely cleared, with just a little left in the core area and all the yellow and black above it seems to be coming out more since, as I'm seeing it more and feeling it more on the base of my spine. I'm feeling quite excited afterwards, as I've never associated this fall with anything much before, as it didn't seem as important as other things that happened around that time to cause the illness. This exercise has left me feeling all warm and fuzzy and feeling that the energies are continuing to shift. Thank you to Dr Kim xxx"

-Katie Elisa
"I would like to share that the pain relief program for me is the deepest work that I have done in my life so far. And I am a practitioner myself and have done healing work for over 20 years. So I just wanted to recommend this to anyone who is still waiting for another testimonial. If you resonate, trust and sign up. I am so grateful that you created this Dr. Kim D'Eramo and have given me the opportunity to access layers that I would never have thought even existed. This is a very powerful experience for me, a shift that is going very deep."
-Natasa Stojanovic
Leave Your Pain Behind

Here's what you will receive:

  • 5 training videos in our private members area
  • EFT Tapping Sequences & Scripts  
  • 3 EFT BONUS Videos for guilt, fear & shame
  • BONUS Guided Meditation
  • Group Call recording with Dr. Kim 
  • Lifetime access to the training & call recording


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