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Private Session to Get Out of Fight-or-Flight and Access Your Power

The private sessions I’ve done have invariably been very powerful. However, there is one I did recently that was so universal I wanted to share it with our community so everyone could directly benefit.

When we started the session, you’ll hear her voice in high gear of fight or flight with everything she’s tried to do to heal, to feel better, to keep the terror at bay. It would have been easy for someone to buy into this and think of more things to try, different ways to do it to make it “work.”  However, making the pain and terror go away just leads us on a wild goose chase and keeps us on the hamster wheel of more.

Making things feel better is not the point.

Meeting the depth within ourselves with stillness and presence is.

I invite you to relax into your body, make time for this, and feel what arises as you listen. Do the exercises and harmonization along with her and see what this brings you. Does any of this resonate with something within you? This will clear that.

I felt very called to share this session because this is such a universal space!! So many of us are in fight-or-flight trying to heal, to resolve trauma, to awaken and be free….but it cannot be created like that. We must access a higher consciousness first, so these energies can be held and can transmute.

I invite your comments and would love for you to share your experience with receiving this session!!


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  1. You are not alone doing all of this. You are not trying to support yourself and find time to heal and relax. I am so tired of people who have people in their lives telling me I only need me. Ice done my whole life with just me and I thought now I would finally have friends and xompanions in this journey. It all hurts to much and is to empty. I know the medical community has not helped me in the past t yet that is the only people who will even try to help me. My mind body and spirit are tired. I don’t have money to pay for mentors and no human is meant to be an island. I am so tired of knowing and not being able to do anything about it. I felt the flow once also and now the energies are so strong and time isocinf so fast and I’m losing everything material mental, physical back in fight or flight or just plain empty despair. All these programs and offering that cost more than I’ll make in my life time. I am so mad and sad at the same time. And afraid I will die before I get to live. All these beautiful energies and my time and energy goes to just getting a paycheck for a matress on the floor and a roof over my head.So tired of people with money saying it’s up to us. I was told to invest in myself. There is so much info and no one to talk about it with. Seem to be forgetting everything I know and my mind just goes blank. I want to scream anger is back, fear of everything I eat is back only trrees bring me peace and this is no way to live. I’d love to spend my life learning and meeting people experience something other than daily grind. I used to like being alone now I can’t take it any more. Not computer savvy as don’t have time to learn it. I used to be smart and catch ontjo things easily. So tired and mad and sad and frustrated and I know I can heal myself yet need to have rest and right conditions and human support and connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Bethany, if you haven’t already, please join our beautiful community of Facebook, The MindBody Community Page. You can connect with others who are going through very similar experiences and you will have a lot of love and support.

    • Bethany
      I hear your pain. Dr Kim has helped me so much to understand the healing process. It is a journey that sometimes feels long. Dr Kim offers lots of free resources as like you I have no energy to earn the money needed to invest. Also regarding community and human connection, please visit this website has saved my life. There are so many beautiful & encouraging videos and also a section to Contact where you can join another community of loving caring people. Take care. Love Serena 😍

  2. This was awesome! She reminded me of me. I wish I had signed up for you Kim I’ve been hearing a lot of coming into presence. I to have been doing a lot just like her. Wow thanks so much for both of u sharing this call

  3. Hi Kim. Thank you for sharing this session. That was a generous gift.
    Why at then end when she admitted that she was scared to spend her entire life savings on a 6 month commitment to working with you, did you assume that she believed it was bc she wasn’t worth it? It seems like she’s spending plenty on her “healing” (books, coaching, etc) so would seem like she believes she’s a worthy investment. The fear seemed to come from the fact that spending ones entire savings does seem risky. You told her she didn’t need any of the other stuff, she already had all the answers- pause, breathe, acknowledge, accept, love, invite presence. Wouldn’t telling her that perhaps she doesn’t need you either be more in line with your messaging? I’m honestly curious. Your response seemed so jarring compared to everything else in the session.

    • Often when one is in dis-ease they try to “fix” themselves by chasing solutions only to end up with no real progress. Dr. Kim teaches us to tap into our own wisdom and to come into harmony with our mind and body so that we can truly heal.

      • Wow, this was such a generous gift! This session moved me so deeply….. I sobbed from beginning to end. It moved so much. I send you endless gratitude for sharing!!


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