MindBody Solution for Chronic Fatigue
What's in the program:
To transmute chronic fatigue and brain fog at their root cause.
Use EFT tapping to release what's under your symptoms and transform your sleep.
Dr. Kim & Jessica Sullivan answer questions and mentor the group through the process.
Take your time and go at your own pace. 

If you have chronic fatigue and brain fog has taken over your life, this is for you!

Have you...

  • Struggled with persistent illness, fatigue, and brain fog?

  • Tried everything and still seen symptoms worsen?

  • Been diagnosed with a mystery illness or autoimmune disorder?

  • Been diagnosed with a disease that's not responding to treatment?

  • Felt like your body is working against you?

We'll release symptoms from the ROOT
so you can RESOLVE your Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog!

Throughout the MindBody Solution For Chronic Fatigue, You Will:
Gain back your energy and revitalize your body!
Get to the root of what's under your symptoms so your body fully heals and releases disease
Get off medications for pain, anxiety, depression, and chronic illness
Release brain fog so you see the world clearly and function fluidly within it
Stop chasing "healers" and treatments and finally live in wholeness and health
Nurture a whole new relationship with your body
How it works:

We are not just physical; we are vibrational.

Recent science has shown that the body is made up of energy. Our cells are constantly responding to the energy within us and around us. When we treat the body as purely physical, we are very limited in the impact we can have.

We can't make any real change, so many people "manage' their symptoms and condition for a lifetime. This becomes a giant struggle when what we really want is ease and freedom. When we remember that everything is energy, including the body, it's easy to impact things at the root level where real change can happen.

Fighting your symptoms and fighting against your body will only create more dis-ease. The body is listening and is highly responsive to your thoughts and emotions.

Most of the thoughts and emotions you carry are subconscious; you're not aware of the judgment, fear, shame, or despair your body is carrying and suppressing. However, when this energy is ready to move, it will come up to your awareness. That's when symptoms arise. These are not a problem or wrongness, they are an invitation to be more whole!

Your symptoms are your invitation to release these energies and live more fully.

This doesn't mean there's something wrong with you, but that you can choose a new way of relating to your body that opens you to abundance and love.

Listening and receiving this experience (instead of rejecting it or fixing it) is the way through into something you never imagined possible.

Beyond the Medical Myths: Releasing the Delusion
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Reclaiming Your Power: The Mandala of Being
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Detective Work: Get to the Core Underneath Symptoms
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Tools for Transmuting: Increase Your Frequency
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From Victim to Empowered: Asking Better Questions
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Where to Go From Here: Receiving the Gift of Your Illness
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Downloadable MP3's
 for EFT Tapping & Deep Sleep

✩  EFT Tapping to Release What's Under Your Symptoms
✩  EFT Tapping to Resolve Powerlessness
✩  Daytime ET Tapping to Reverse Insomnia
✩  Bedtime EFT Tapping for Deep Healing Sleep
 After few months of feeling great, all of the sudden this fatigue started and I just couldn’t shake it off. Instantly, after watching the first video, allllllll the heaviness dissolved. The sleep eft helped me fall asleep and stay asleep till morning! And I woke up energized and refreshed after a few weeks of struggling with sleep. I have been having good night sleep since! THANK YOU DR.KIM!!! You are a blessing into my life! I am in the process of letting go caring so much about what others think of me.  Excited to go through this wonderful program and choose more and more of my truth!
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Nikki Patel
Thank you Dr, Kim D'Eramo for creating the course for chronic fatigue and brain fog, the first video has revealed so much to me already!! It has helped me discover very deeply held beliefs which I had either suppressed, ignored, or just allowed to become a "normal" part of my every day thinking.
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Rachael Staniul
I just want to report that I finished the last video of Dr. Kim's CFS program this past weekend, having taken two months to work through and integrate the program in my life. I've had crippling CFS symptoms for almost two years and have tried everything, but this is the first time I've felt significantly better, not just physically but I'm also emotionally feeling so much more positive about my recovery and the possibilities for my future. Miraculously, I haven't had any heart palpitations for an entire month, which is huge! When I told my cardiologist he wanted to know all about the program. Thank you so much!!!
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Elizabeth Rosengren Cotone
"I have been doing the Mind Body Solution for Chronic Fatigue for the last 6 weeks and I have a whole new relationship with my body and emotions. Now when I have a pain in my body instead of contracting and wanting it to go away I embrace it. I feel it is a beautiful message from my body to embrace. It is a part of me that is suffering and wants to be loved. It's the same when a thought/feeling of I'm being bad/shame or I'm not good enough comes up. I'm no longer afraid of those thoughts instead I welcome them with love and compassion, softening on the inside, relaxing my shoulders and letting myself feel what I feel because I know everything that shows up is happening for me. In the course Kim D'Eramo says to "believe life in on my side" and "refuse for one minute to believe it isn't." I actually feel that way now. It is a huge shift in consciousness that allows me to let go of what I've been holding onto and open up to receive something new. I highly recommend this course for everyone wanting to come into more harmony with their body and feel more joy and peace in their life."
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Ingrid DeHart
I wanted to share my experiences after the first video on Dr. Kim's MindBody Program for Chronic Fatigue to encourage you to take a look at the program if you find that this resonates with you. I just completed video #1 today and had awareness that I did not have before. As I began doing the exercises, writing the conclusions and beliefs I had made about my body made me realize how ridiculous these thoughts were, but I also learned how to accept all the fear, all the judgements, and all the false beliefs I had held. I no longer need to fight these thoughts either, it's OK that it was a part of me and still will be until I fully integrate this work. This made me realize that they were just thoughts and belief systems that got deeply embedded into my system, but it does not have to take another decade for instance to change a thought or belief. I no longer need to micro-manage my symptoms and body because being in fear creates the tension and discomfort. My body is telling me that I am not in alignment with my true being and my true essence. I know personally for me, my mind would tell me "this is too simple to work for me", but after I wrote it down, it was clear to me the recipe that had created my current reality. Within minutes I felt lighter, braver, and fearless as to the bright future ahead. I encourage you to look at fear right in its eyes, because there lies true freedom. I cannot wait to do the rest of the program in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you Dr.Kim for everything, I am truly grateful to be receiving this beautiful gift.
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Salinay Abramyan Pontiveros

I'd Love To Guide You in Making Your Choice

Here are the answers to: 

Will this help me with my specific illness/situation/backstory? 
What happens if I get sick(er) while doing this program?
Is this program for me if I’ve tried everything already? 
Am I too old for this program? 
I’m not sure; How do I know this is for me? 


Gain Back Vitality & Clarity!

Here's what you will receive:

  • 6 course videos with exercises
  • 4 Bonus Downloadable MP3's for EFT Tapping and Deep Sleep
  • 2 Recorded Group Mentoring and Q+A Calls with Dr. Kim 
  • Lifetime access to the training & call recordings


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