Your Cells Are Listening

His doctor told him: “You will just have to live with this. It’s not going to get better.” My patient relayed this story and then said: “I guess just in my genes, doc.“ My patient is in his 50s but looked about 70, and has had a rare neuro-muscular disease for years.

Is the NEWS Making You Sick?

Is the NEWS Making You Sick?

Why am I so anxious, doctor? Should I be on medication for this?” We are living in a time where anxiety is more the norm than the exception. Most people are unaware of what’s driving it or of the profound impact it has on our health and lives.

Your Hidden Superpower #5: FOCUS

Want to make a major change in your mood instantly….and lose weight in the process? Well, what you FOCUS your attention on creates chemical changes in your body that affect your emotions, your brain function…