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#1 Reason People Get Depressed and Sick

You know one of the BIGGEST reasons I see for people being overweight, depressed, and sick???
Not living their heart’s desire.

Think about it. You have an inspiration. There is energy and excitement that builds just thinking about it. Then, “reality” kicks in and you realize that this is impossible, could never happen, and isn’t for you. You settle back down and let it go. You go back to your previously scheduled life and forget the whole thing.

But what just happened?

When you have an inner urge to be, do, or say something, but you hold yourself back….where does that energy go?

It gets stuck in your body…

Eventually, that energy has to move, and when it can’t, it creates discomfort in the body. You’re meant to be experiencing the exhilaration of this thing that you want, but instead, you’re sitting at your desk or lying in your bed, and doing the same old thing. You feel depressed but don’t know why.

Sometimes a little Prozac helps you manage this…but it won’t work for long. You are meant for something greater, and this inner urge keeps crying out!

Why don’t we listen?

I have a friend I adore who just doesn’t quite believe in himself. He has so much skill, intelligence and talent, but the thing he wants to do just seems SO BIG! He’s never been shown how to do it, never been told he could do it, and doesn’t even know anyone else who is doing it. Everyone around him is doing life just like he is, so he thinks it’s silly to want this big DREAM.

Years go by and his body, stuffing the energy that he’s meant to be exerting on his Dream, gains weight. He keeps stifling his urge for more, so he feels depressed. He believes the thoughts in his head saying he could “never” be more, so he feels tired all the time. He’s frustrated with his life, hates his job, and is grouchy to his wife. Finally, his doctor prescribes medication to help him feel better, and it works…a little.

Is this you? Do you know someone like this?

Well I’m here to tell you that YOUR BODY IS SPEAKING TO YOU!!!

If you haven’t been listening for awhile, it may be screaming by now, and maybe you feel pain. If you’ve learned to tune yourself out so you can be “normal,” you may be numb. I know it’s not easy to deal with, and perhaps a little medication can help you in the short term, but at some point you do need to take the time to listen.

What is your body trying to say?

Here’s a way to get some information:

  1. Have a pretend conversation with your body (or body part, if the symptoms are focal.)
  1. Ask “If my body DID have something to say to me, what would that be?

Almost always something will immediately come up. Catch it and write it down, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. (Remember, if it didn’t sound crazy, you wouldn’t have shut it out all this time!)

  1. Ask your body if there is anything else it might like you to know.

Write it all down!

I’ve had dramatic insights using this tool. I’ve gotten clear on relationships I didn’t really want to be in, and foods I wasn’t meant to be eating. I’ve even changed my exercise habits because I found out I needed to slow down. Always the results have been dramatic. Saved me years of therapy!

I can’t wait to hear what happens when you tune in, instead of tuning out.

We’ll put the pharmaceutical industry out of business. No just kidding 🙂



P.S. I am here for support with this. (It’s my specialty!) So write back!! Seriously, hit “reply” now and I will receive it.

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