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Your Cells Are Listening

Your Cells Are Listening | Kim D’Eramo, D.O.
His doctor told him: “You will just have to live with this. It’s not going to get better.” My patient relayed this story and then said: “I guess just in my genes, doc.

My patient is in his 50s but looked about 70, and has had a rare neuro-muscular disease for years.

Knowing all that I do about the myriad of studies in epi-genetics showing that our genes are DIRECTLY impacted by our own thoughts and beliefs, I had to pause and breathe out my feelings of frustration.

Are doctors REALLY still speaking to their patients this way?

As I stood before him I wondered:

…”Would an acupuncturist ever say that to a patient?”

…”Would a homeopath, naturopath, or a chiropractor ever think in such a limited way when telling their patient what can or cannot be done???”

It’s time doctors look beyond our own toolbox for what CAN be done, so we can resource our patients with solutions that end symptoms and chronic illness.

Patients are healing with this very same disease every day…yet my patient had fully accepted that his condition would be life-long. In fact, he’s resigned himself to “just dealing with it,” as his doctor had instructed him to do.

Physicians have a lot of power…but the body has even more! Whatever you believe, it will always follow.

So, I’m asking you to take a stand for your health and declare what you would like.

-Want to be done with depression and feel exhilarated?

-Want to throw away pain medications for good?

-Want to have a clean bill of health from your doctor and feel great?


…No matter what your current condition, DECLARE IT!

I promise you, it doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is, or how long you have dealt with this problem. There is possibility in your body and your cells DO know what to do.

Even if the problem is “in your genes” and all of your family is ill or overweight, it does not have to mean anything for you.

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

― Arthur Conan Doyle

I had a patient who had been on anti-depression medications for years. “I have depression.” She would say. “I have to take medication.” With support, she changed her mind. Literally. She no longer has depression. She is off medications.

Trust your body and know it can heal. Your intention and declaration allow it to begin.

Bold, I know, and scary too, since we’re indoctrinated to believe the body is static and unchanging…that our genes are constant and cannot be changed.

It’s not true. The body is constantly recreating itself. It’s just that it’s using the same template over and over –and your genes? They’re activated to turn ON or OFF depending on your chemistry.

The most powerful way to change your chemistry and change your brain NOW? Change what you are thinking about.

So here’s your prescription:

  1. Think about how you would like your body and health to be.

Slim, fit, comfortable, flexible, strong….

Think about how great it will feel to do the things you love to do, and to enjoy your life!

  1. Now just DECLARE IT!
  1. Post it here….we’ll get you there!

Sending love, –Dr. Kim

P.S. I know this will bring up challenges. I’m literally throwing disregard in the face of millions of people including doctors who say that we cannot change our health, that we DO need medications to live disease free…

It may also seem I don’t recognize the immense strife that comes along with living with illness…

But I do. Not only do I see it every day in the Emergency Room, but I experienced years of pain, anxiety, low energy and depression. I was told I would need medications for the rest of my life…but I don’t. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I transcended illness, and I’ve brought thousands of others through the same journey into wellness.

So share your questions and concerns, and post!…or just hit “Reply” and I will get back to you ASAP!

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  1. Does this same philosophy apply to dental issues? Seems like a silly question, but I’ve come across natural doctors and natural medicine, but not anything for dental work. What if you were told you’d have to lose teeth because of bone loss and bone doesn’t grow back. Can I still apply this ‘prescription’ to bone loss??

  2. I am no depressed
    I am not feeling old
    I do not have fibromyalgia
    I do not have migraine headaches
    I do not have IBS
    IS this how you do it???

    • Thank you for asking this.
      No. This is not the way. In fact, this way you’ve demonstrated is the #1 reason why most people fail to progress using MindBody Medicine; they simply misuse the technology.

      What the mind focuses on, the body follows. Therefore, when we focus attention (which is energy) on our intended outcome, this creates the brain patterns, and chemical patterns that reflect our intended outcome (wellbeing.)

      For an “affirmation” to work the way we want it to, we MUST state it in the “affirmative.” That means we speak what we DO want to create.

      When we tell the mind: “Not dis-ease” all the mind gets is “Dis-ease,” therefore, let’s change these affirmations:
      I am no depressed ————— I feel uplifted, alive, and joyful.
      I am not feeling old —————– I feel youthful vitality.
      I do not have fibromyalgia ———- I am filled with vibrance, resilience, and health.
      I do not have migraine headaches —- My head is clear and relaxed.
      I do not have IBS ————————– My digestion is harmonious and balanced.

      Also, to incorporate “affirmations” that are far from your experience, try changing them to a Question. “Why am I so filled with vitality?!” will circumvent the established doubter in your current mindset and get around limiting beliefs. This activates a new message in your MindBody system.

      -Dr. Kim

  3. So, here’s my declaration: I want to be able to use my arms and hands again to do my job, my everyday activities and sports without suffering from pain.

    • Don’t say “I want” as that comes from a position of lack. State it like you already have it. For example “my hands and arms work perfectly “. Really believe and love yourself!


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