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Your Hidden Superpower #2: POSE

What’s posture got to do with health? The way you hold your body creates subtle but powerful changes in your chemistry altering your mood, your energy level, and even your brain activity. That means your skill level, wit, and productivity and increase when you stand in a way that makes you feel smart!

When you stand erect with your head held high and your back straight, this increases endorphins that make your body feel good and heal disease. This ALSO decreases cortisol, stress hormone, which makes you sluggish, tired, and fat. (Cortisol also gives you food cravings!)

The movement and posture of your body not only makes you feel energized and filled with life… it can also change your life.

That’s because your body is constantly putting out information to others about who you are, how to treat you and how to behave around you.

Your body is a transmitter! It sends information about the way you feel, the thoughts you have about yourself, and the way you view yourself. That means even if you stand in front of a boardroom and tell others to listen to you, you will be bulldozed if you’re body language says “I’m worthless; don’t bother to listen to me,” AND why when you tell your kids to calm down (but inside you’re filled with stress) they misbehave.

How can you put this into action?

There are certain “Power Poses” that have been shown in studies to balance your chemical profile in just 2 minutes!

Try this one right now:

-Stand with your feet hip distance apart and your hands up in a “V.”

-Look up at the sky with your chest out (as if you’ve just won a Victory!)

-Hold this while you take 10 deep breaths

-Relax and continue your day

My husband does this first thing in the morning as soon as his feet hit the floor!

Use it before you go into an important meeting or pick your kids up from school, then during the day be aware of your posture. Keep your shoulders relaxed and open your chest. Straighten your back and hold your head high.

Remember: “I am a force of nature!!!”

Let your nature work for you.

How did that feel??? Share below. Can’t wait to hear!

Enjoy your bodyJ

Love, Dr. Kim

P.S. …are you slumping your shoulders?? This is one good reason to remember what your mother told you and straighten up!



  1. What a brilliant reminder of the simplest of things to do to support myself, thank you!!!

    • Thanks, Deb. I’m so happy you are finding this useful!


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