Vipassana: The Darkness Is Ready To Be Seen

We do not have to avoid our pain, our traumas, or our negative emotions. The power within us is far beyond all of it. When we cultivate presence and compassion, the act of simply noticing what’s here will be transmutive and heal all of it.

Watch this episode of MindBody TV where I’ll share my recent experiences related to Vipassana meditation, and how you can become a healing presence to aloe the dissolution of the darkness.

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  1. Thank you for this excellent teaching on Vipassana. I am completely in awe of this technique and what I experienced on my own when I meditated.

  2. Dear Dr. Kim! Vipassana – well I am still pretty stuck in the 4 languages I know better, but it is time to open to more; and I so thoroughly always enjoy “this Dr. Kim,” who shows her deepest self with such authenticity, that I am always enchanted and inspired.
    And with all the years that I have been listening to you, there is always a little shift here and there for me, something to be more aware of and to be observing closer!
    It is an exhilarating to go through life growing every day and meeting people who contribute so much to my body, mind and soul! Thank you!


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