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Set Your Inner GPS to Inner Ease

You have within you a still point, an inner guiding light, that always knows exactly what to do, what to choose, in any situation. When you follow this your life opens with healing, joy, love, opportunities, and resources! When you shut it out and close down, life is filled with suffering and lack.

Watch Week 6 of my Back to Basics Summer Series where I shared how to tune into that inner guidance system so you always choose in favor of flow and you let your life begin to flourish!


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  1. I have tried everything, even the things you are promoting. Everything just seems to get worse.
    Thank you for trying to help.

    • Hi Laurie, thank you for your note. Please feel free to reach out to our support team and we can guide you to the best program for you.

  2. August 2023

    Dr. Kim and Friends,

    Thank you for the valuable tools. Inner light is a real struggle to let through? Like giving birth? Birth pains? Life Force? Letting the physical body be still to bring up the pain and agony that gets locked in our hearts and physical bodies and letting it out so the life force( warmth,heat, peace and rest ) can come through that brings life and renewal.

    As the good book says in proverbs. ” A heart a rest can give life to our bodies.”

    Proverb 4:23

    Anyway it is a struggle. It would have been hell of lot easer if I knew these tools in my younger years like in my 20’s and 30’s ” The golden years” Not in ones 70’s and beyond where healing and recovery is so much harder. Oh well, better later and then never! One needs all the practical tools to move forward. Especally when facing old age and now the growing instability of our times??

    Anyway, Thank you.


    Bill and Carol

  3. August 2023.

    Dr. Kim and Friends,

    PS. One more thought I said in my last comment is the instability of our times. What just happen in Maui is just beyond words. Heart tearing trauma! This entire year has taken a major shift in terrible events. Climate change and other horrible events. And I have a heart level feeling we are entering very dark times ahead in the coming months and the next few years. So not to be labour the point we all need all the help we can get in these challenging times.

    Thank you for your practical tools to face the personal and world events. People in Maui sure need all the help they can receive to move toward recovery.

    In Peace,

    Bill and Carol


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