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Ready to be a HEALING Force in the world?!

“Be the Medicine created more than I had ever dreamed possible!”

This is what one of the Be the Medicine program participants shared with me today.

Lisa Dunford is a Transformational Coach and reached out to share her experience with having participated in the Be the Medicine program.

I also shared the invitation to a workshop I’m running soon where we’ll practice some of these principles and unlock your true gifts and genius!

Here is the video for you!

Her life changed, her business changed, and her money changed. She also saw major changes in her personal relationships.

Lisa told me that after doing this work, clients came in effortlessly, paid in full, and really ‘got’ what powerful work she was sharing.

She shared: “I would recommend this to ANYONE ready to step into something bigger than they may have thought possible.”

Join the Be the Medicine program now!


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