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Manifestation Tool: Focus On What You DO Want

So often when dealing with challenges, illness, or pain, we become hyper-focused on what we DON’T want. Our attention goes where our energy flows, we just amplify the problem!

Watch week 4 of my Back to Basics Summer Series where I shared one of the most powerful manifestation tools to activate mind-body healing now!

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  1. Listening to this while lying with an ice pack on my recently diagnosed throbbing frozen shoulder. Trying to not freak out with this pain, and spending all my time googling other people’s outcomes-most take a year to resolve… which only makes me depressed. Lol! Your video is so so helpful. I see now that I can’t heal while focusing on this. Thank you so much! Much appreciated!!

  2. I was hit be a van going 45mph while I was bicycling a couple years ago. All the injuries have become arthritic and have pinched nerves in my spine. I had CRPS and developed central sensitization from so much pain. I need to be super vigilant with every step I take. The intense pain screams so loud it’s all I hear.
    My career as a DO stopped.
    What do I do? My nervous system seems stuck in overdrive.
    I do deep belly breathing to help me moment to moment.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jill, thank you for your note. Please feel free to reach out to our support team and we can guide you to the best program for you.


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