Is Giving to Others Making You Sick?

Many of us have been taught that giving is the highest contribution, but we’ve learned to give from depletion, rather than including ourselves in the picture. To truly give to the world, you’ve got to be a great receiver!! If you’re struggling with chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, Lyme Disease, or a virus that’s not clearing, OR if you’ve got a big mission to help others and it’s not creating prosperity for YOU, let’s get you in a new alignment so you can heal!!

In this episode of MindBody TV I share how to let go of the programming that keeps you giving from depletion and show you how to be a true contribution to the world by filling yourself first! If you’re here to make a difference in the world, this episode will be life-changing! Become a better receiver so that you can truly give and change the world!

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  1. Hi Kim Thank you for the video, Soften the body( let the body come into stillness) to let the feelings locked in our body to be released. To let life force come in(feeling peace and rest) to restore you. I know my wife the other day mention how Life Force was drained out of her by all what is going on in the world and personal issues. I mention we have to come into this stillness to open up and recharge. To choose stillness daily in our bodies and hearts. Or as Gregg Braden once said it is like prayer. Feeling prayer. Be Still and Know….

  2. thank you for all your work, your two (hardcopy) books ,talks, and vibrant inspiration. I am not on social media, but will keep breathing and tapping.(and buying and lending books!) It is very exciting to see( and feel) modern day mind-body modalities coming into their own.


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