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Why to always say “YES” to your inner yes.

We all have a connection to our inner voice, that guidance system from our higher selves. When we listen and follow, choosing our inspiration instead of succumbing to our fear, life opens up, synchronicities happen and we receive what our heart has been asking for. When we instead go into doubt or consult the “mind,” playing out what we’ve been taught in the past, we limit the possibilities that are available. We literally are the ones choosing what gets created in our lives.

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In this video, Dr. Kim shares why it’s important to say yes to your yes and explains what is that inner yes.

The inner yes is the inner light, inner spark, and inner inspiration. Motivation comes from the mind. It comes from fear, anger, or taking control and it is not the same as inspiration. What the mind thinks doesn’t create more. If you get out of the mind and into the heart, that’s where you connect with the inner inspiration.

Motivation is like a means to an end. Temporarily, it feels good, but you’ll have to keep going back for more, working harder and harder to get it. Instead, look toward the end itself. Why are you doing what you’re doing? What is your desired outcome? Usually, it’s harmony, freedom, or experiencing joy or love. So go back to the motivation and ask, “Is this harmony for me? Is this freedom?” For instance, is a restricted diet or rigid schedule feels better for you? Are you choosing this or that because it feels free or harmonic, or are you choosing it because you think it’s going to get you harmony? There’s a difference. 

“What do I want to create?” – Overcoming resistance is different than the push of getting motivated. Go back into your heart and start first with the question, “What do I want to create? What is the outcome I desire for my yes?” Take ten breaths to cultivate the essence of what you’re asking for. You’ll feel the difference between inspiration and motivation as you tune in to your yes. When you cultivate the energy of what you’re wanting to bring in, you won’t be able to not create it with your actions, your voice, and your choices.

“Am I willing to choose this?” – Listen to the yes and be willing to choose. Be willing to make the choice even if there are doubts or you don’t know how. It’s a matter of choosing between following your inspiration or following your doubt. You will get the results for the choice you make. Either you get more doubt or fear, or create more abundance and freedom. It’s always about resonance.

Self-healing is a practice that lets life be more and more fluid on the path to expansion. You are always going to be expanding. There is no getting there. The only thing for you to do is to let the path be more fluid. When you follow your yes and choose accordingly, an unconditional depth of presence happens because every cell in your body is listening.

Be in the essence of ease and flow. Be less in the mind and less in trying to figure things out. You are responsible for your inner yes. No one else is supposed to give it to you.  Your inner yes isn’t just going to come knocking on your door. It’s a matter of showing up to make space for it and cultivate the essence of what you’re wanting to create.


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