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How Your Energy Affects Your Kids & How You Can Resolve Even the Most Challenging Problems

It can be excruciating and consume our lives when our kids are dealing with challenges we can’t fix. Parents will typically work harder than anyone to be sure their kids are happy and healthy. So what do we do when it’s not enough? When we can’t get things better no matter what we do?

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV where we explored the deeper energies that make kids’ and teens’ issues seem impossible to solve and what you can do NOW to make a massive difference for your kid!

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  1. Dr. Kim and Staff,

    Thank you for this video on being a good influence to our children and all in our lives. What matters is staying at our post and being real. The good, bad and ugly. To be real, with a heavy heart my wife and I cry for the children in the world we are living in now. A world unless there is a change for the better is headed for collapse and the new dark ages. But despite all this cold blooded reality, we must be strong in a real way as your tools are so helpful to live this out despite all the crap that is happening. Especially with the insanity of our government and else where.

    Because in the end only love remains! And that is the best thing we can do for our children and all that we come in contact with.

    As a friend said to us once, ” To get real from the inside out.”

    Heat felt gratitude,

    Bill and Carol Ohio.

  2. January 28,2022.

    Dr. Kim and Staff,

    Once again, thank you for your valuable tools to health and life. My wife and I being in our older years of 70+ wish with all our hearts we have known these tools in our youth. We would have avoided a lot of stupid choices and pain. Ignorance is not bliss!!

    However, we can not step into a time machine out of a Si-Fi. movie and go back in time. What matters now as C.S. Lewis once said, ” To make a Good Exit.” It is how we finish the race of life that matters?? Hence the words GOOD. Especially in these crazy times we don’t know how long we have?? So what matters now is how we finish the race of life. And your tools of HEARTMATH and other mind body tools have been a life saver in giving us a fighting chance.

    We see what happen to people as they age. They turn to stone. And that frightens us. Your tools of being still and softening our bodies is so important to get to one’s heart to feel again and let that life force of warmth and rest spread to the entire body and brain for healing. By the grace of God because of these tools we are avoiding a lot of old age troubles. But we have to stay at it. Choose every day as Gregg Braden once said at a HEARTMATH interview.

    Thank you again for these life saving tools. We are on very little meds because of this.

    Thank you,


    Bill and Carol. Ohio


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