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How to Get Healing Sessions from your Higher Self

Have you ever searched “out there” for the answers, trying to find the right doctor, healer, teacher, or guru to help solve your problems, only to find nothing quite fits the bill to meet your deepest needs? What if I told you your greatest teacher lies right inside you. This master within who knows exactly what you need and how to deliver it?

Join me for this episode of MindBody TV to discover how to go within to connect with your Wisdom, receive downloads for insight and clarity, and allow instant healing. If you’re ready to go deeper into your expansion of health and prosperity, you will love this session!




In this video, Dr. Kim shares about how to get healing sessions from your higher self.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. By tapping into your higher wisdom, you will receive direct healing integrations. Are you ready to allow re-integration throughout your system? Imagine rebooting or putting a new system on the computer. Your system runs the same way! Re-integration directly affects every cell in your physical body.

Your higher self sounds just like your own thoughts, but it’s more about integrating wisdom instead of getting information. It doesn’t come from your mind, such as the things you’ve learned or what you’ve been told. It’s a much higher frequency and consciousness. The more you practice with it, the more common the experience becomes.

The first step to accessing higher awareness or tapping into your higher self is by relaxing the body and breathing more fully. Breathing all the way down into your belly turns off the sympathetic nervous system. Relaxing your neck and shoulders is necessary to turn off the fight or flight pattern right away. When you’re in fight or flight mode, you shut off the parasympathetic state where your nervous system is like in the housekeeping stage, helping your body detoxify, digest, and work properly. Most people live in this state 90% of the time.

Being in the relaxed state release the sympathetic overdrive and enter more harmony with the parasympathetic getting ignited. Pull your energy down into the heart. Breathe in and out through your mouth 5 times. Calm the beta brain state. Turn off your mind. There’s no need to re-pattern your brain because entering the heart does that for you. Presence your heart and say, “I am open, I am receptive, and I am ready to receive.” Let your system know you’re ready to receive a new understanding of what’s possible for you. Calm down the belief system and fear patterns. Just like turning off your computer while it’s rebooting, you have to let the computer shut off by not operating it for a while. If you keep using the computer, it can’t do the reboot. That’s how the brain works too.

To receive the depth of what your higher self has for you, you have to be willing to go beyond your mind patterns and stop listening to them. But don’t think that lower frequencies keep you from hearing your higher wisdom. You don’t need to be in a frequency higher than the one you are in now. You don’t need to get somewhere to get higher wisdom. That’s a lie. All you need to do is to be in the frequency you are in right now. That’s how you access higher wisdom. Increasing your frequency is being right where you are, but with greater willingness and greater presence. That is the shift in frequency.

The yoga of self-healing is a practice. It’s more about you becoming conscious. It’s a transmutation into who you are and who you’re becoming. You can’t create more health from trying to heal disease. You can only create more health from connecting with the abundance, love, and serenity that is already present. So let go of all the sense of adequacy, lack of value, or inadequacy, and allow greater stillness and just surrender to it.


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