Do you have to BELIEVE in MindBody Medicine for It to Work?

Decades of medical science have demonstrated the placebo effect, showing that when we believe a medicine will heal us it is far more likely to do so. But what if you do not believe? Does the mind still influence the body when we’re sure we can’t heal?

In this episode of MindBody TV, I share what is more powerful than belief and how to use this superpower we all have to activate true healing in your body now!

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  1. You are awesome. I love what you do. I continue to be interested in your instant elevation program.

    I have been off medicine for years and my psychiatrist I just started with has been informed that I like your Osreopathic programming. She suggested that I take 5 mg of Maleate I initially took only 1/2 and when I said I may be more extemporaneous in my speech, she responded to take a whole pill but when I did I felt the nausea and felt very depressed. I will inform her. You speak truth. As a retired Occupational Therapist, I know mind body connection is powerful.

    My stir started when I went to WI. At end of Sept to the 2nd of October. My first husband , my first lover ab
    Nd I truly forgave each other as I felt it to my core. I have been in a relationship for 8 yrs and it feels like we are growing apart. His Son who is legally deaf but I know now that when his hearing aids are in, he hears. This is a breakthrough. He is addicted to gambling and lives primarily in his room but works successfully in 2 jobs. We live near a casino and I am aware how dangerous gambling is as I no longer chose to go there unless 20 dollar in Bingo and even that is dangerous as I know it is more likely a lose where I would rather enjoy eating out.

    I want to do your instant elevation programming
    and appreciate you.

    Do you offer any reduction in cost as I am retired on low budget. I need your program and will try to get it somehow if no scholarship.

    I know I want to create my own business if possible with my 35 yrs experience as an OT. Unfortunately I have had difficulty related to 2 PTSD episodes. I think your methods will heal me. I want to be a woman sexually released from the past. I know I can as I learn your techniques.

    I have referred my first husband to you and he takes 2 antidepressants and recently had a stroke about a year ago. He seems cognitively and physically fine to me. In our relationship he has been emotionally abusive and was physically abusive in the past.

    Sorry for such a long note. Your program resonates with me.

    I know I will be better with your help.

    • Hi Debra, thank you for your comment! Please email with any questions. We are grateful for you and are here to guide and support you.

  2. Love this, such powerful truths!!!!!!

    Thank You!


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