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Lose Weight For the Holidays?

This is the #1 Ninja MindBody tool to maintain and even lose weight during the holidays…

Eat your food! Be Mindful of every bite while you are having it.

Most of the time (especially during holiday dinners) we are so focused on the conversation, entertainment, or whatever is happening around us, we aren’t even present while we’re eating. We might find that we’ve eaten a whole piece of chocolate cake…and not even know whether it was good or not.

Instead, keep your awareness on what you’re eating. Make a conversation out of it and share! “Wow! This cookie has amazing crunchy texture! Mmmmm!”

Doing this dramatically enhances your experience of food, prepares your body to digest it, AND decreases the amount you end up eating.

What it does:
-Secrete more digestive enzymes helping you break the food down.
-Increase peristalsis moving the food through your digestive tract smoothly.
-More blood flows to your digestive tract so you absorb the nutrients you need.

This decreases bloat, increases your energy, improves your mood, makes you feel full faster, and enhances your body’s ability to excrete the extra food you don’t need.

Just by being present while you eat!!

The good news is, this works even if you only do it for the first several bites. Practice consciously eating (and enjoying!) your food. Your body will thank you this Holiday Season!

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