Holiday MindBody Tool to Love YOU FIRST!

If you’re feeling depleted, giving to everyone else, taking care of others, making sure things are okay, BUT you’re neglecting your body… YOU BLOCK RECEIVING! This means you have a short fuse with others, you don’t have enough time, energy and/or money…

Thanksgiving MindBody Tool!!

Happy Thanksgiving! If holidays are a time of stress for you, worry about eating, relatives, overwhelm… HERE is a MindBody Integration I created for you that will settle your body down for harmony and health for the holidays!

Changes coming…

After delivering another life-altering private retreat here at my home in Colorado, taking a vacation to visit my family, AND doing a private day-session with another client, I’ve been undergoing a LOT of deepening and change lately.

Is CHRONIC FATIGUE your Wisdom talking to you?

One of my clients struggled with Chronic Fatigue for years. She had seen multiple doctors, tried expensive supplements, and finally was told that her environment was toxic and she would have to move. She tried detoxification, and just got more confused and frustrated.