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Is CHRONIC FATIGUE your Wisdom talking to you?

One of my clients struggled with Chronic Fatigue for years.

She had seen multiple doctors, tried expensive supplements, and finally was told that her environment was toxic and she would have to move.

She tried detoxification, and just got more confused and frustrated. It didn’t work.

When she came to me, she felt defeated, and she was tired every day.

I invited her to let the fatigue be “right” instead of seeing it at something wrong she needed to fix.

When she connected with her body’s Wisdom, it was clear she was doing things that didn’t really contribute to her: working in a job she hated, trying to motivate herself to do things she didn’t really want to do!

After our session together, all of that changed and HER ENERGY CAME BACK!!

Here’s the email she sent me afterward…

Dr. Kim,

Have I told you lately how amazing you are? I’m soooo thankful you chose to do what you are doing instead of the ER. Your program and presence have meant so much to me. You have opened up a new awareness in me that as totally off my radar screen and showed me how to step into it with ease. I know exactly how to feel my real easy self. It feels so good to honor myself and my intuition. For years, I have always said that I felt like a fish climbing a tree. Well, that was right. However, I kept looking at the tree instead of the river right next to me. You showed me the river. Thank you!

When I got off the phone with you today, i felt really balanced. Then my mind went to my job and I almost started pushing up that tree again with computer work I had to do. I felt the fatigue come back. I thanked my body for giving me that signal and listened more intently. I didn’t want to do the job today. So, I didn’t. I gave myself a break for going over there. The fatigue left. When I started thinking about possibly moving and going exploring and traveling to some of my favorite parts of the country, my energy rose. Moving forward feels good. I’m going with that. Tomorrow, I am resigning. And now the river is here.

Peace and Love,

Michele C.

I’ve had a similar experience with listening to my body’s Wisdom.

When I GO WITH IT, instead of pushing against how I feel, I always open to receive more!

Just yesterday, I felt exhausted and defeated when I engaged with my work. Answering emails, creating new videos, writing a chapter for a new book,…it all felt heavy and dreadful.

I let it go and chose not to push in that direction.

Instead, I took the day off and enjoyed lunch with my family. My daughter and I walked downtown laughing, and had a wonderful time!



  1. I have had the same exact thing going on very sick for 8 years, many doctors and treatments, money spent with no relief! I’ve been told it’s toxic home environment, biotoxin illness-mold, Lyme disease? I wear myself out trying to change things, detox, trying to fix it! Please help! How do I figure this out with my brain fog and know how or what needs to be released?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Tonya and thank you for reaching out! I would love to have a private one-on-one consultation with you! This way we can really get to the root of the issue and see if I can help you further. Learn more about the MindBody Solution for Chronic Fatigue HERE.


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