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Changes coming…

After delivering another life-altering private retreat here at my home in Colorado, taking a vacation to visit my family, AND doing a private day-session with another client, I’ve been undergoing a LOT of deepening and change lately.

It’s had me make some changes in how I’m doing my business (offering more in-person sessions and retreats,) and entering a more authentic connection with myself.

I will still be reaching out via email and these will be LESS FREQUENT than what I’ve been sending. I will be sharing deeper from my heart and less often.

I will continue to share videos very frequently in my PRIVATE FACEBOOK community. If you’ve not purchased my book or been a participant in one of my online programs, you can GO HERE now to do that, and you will be invited into that Facebook group where I will assist you personally.

I will continue to share others’ work and inspiration when I find content that I think will be a contribution to you.

I will still be opening time on my schedule for private consultations, for those of you who are ready to go deeper with this work and would like my personal assistance.

(I’m also working on my next book “The Passion Prescription” and will be sure to keep you posted on when that will be ready!)

All of this is so that I may better assist you and all of humanity in embracing the Expansion that’s happening for all of us now.



  1. Hello Dr Kim,

    I have been SO glad that I found out about you and your wonderful teachings. I do try to put into practice what you advise etc
    in your video messages etc. You are TRULY a
    wonderful inspiration to me Dr KIM. However I
    am wondering just WHY it seems to be taking me SO very long it seems to become healed of
    what is ‘wrong’ with me..I am still ‘trying to walk again ‘properly’ even with the sticks etc I have..Yet each day it is a struggle to get around from room to room in my small bungalow, and sometimes the pain in the night due to the ARTHRITIS, GETS almost unbearable. I still have
    Lymphodema in my legs, and have to have a nurse to come 2 or 3 times a week to ‘rebandage’ them because they are ‘leaking’ lymph fluid and sometimes are so sore I find it difficult to get to sleep. It has all been catching up with me lately,Dr Kim, and I have had bouts of crying to myself, and talking out loud to ‘God’ etc, saying ‘it seems I am never going to get well again, as ‘it’ has been ‘going on’ for SO MANY YEARS’ it seems. What Am I doing wrong or not doing right???!! Sometimes feel like ‘Giving up!!’ DR KIM. [as I am SO TIRED trying to get by from day to day] Yet I don’t want to, I REALLY WANT to get well again..Yet it seems that no matter what I do or say, I am
    not much better AFTER ALL OF THE WEEKS TRYING!! I would love to be able to have a ‘consultation’ with you Dr Kim. but I cant afford the cost..Also I don’t know how ‘it’ would happen, how would you be able to ‘talk to me’?? Also I wouldn’t want you to ‘see’me on Skype, etc, as I sometimes look awful,especially first thing in the morning etc!! And I need to lose some weight etc, as with the Arthritis I have, I have found it difficult to do any exercise!! Years ago I used to do Yoga, and loved it!! Yet at the moment it is difficult for me to even get out of my chair etc.sometimes.
    I am SO SORRY Dr Kim to go on again so long.. I am so VERY grateful for the lovely inspiring messages you send to me in m y ‘in box’ they REALLY brighten up my day. Thank you so much for taking the time out from your very busy schedule to reach out like you do to help people like me..I am looking forward to reading your new book when it comes out.!! WHAT is the matter with me Dr Kim? Others seem to be getting well, and yet I SEEM to not be getting much better, even though I do my best to put into practise what you suggest, and advise us to do??
    Lastly I would like to say, what a lovely little girl, that you have Dr Kim. She seems to have such a happy smiling face, just like her Mum!!.. So sorry to rabbit on again Dr Kim…God Bless, Pat Caldwell


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