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Will You Choose Love or Fear?

Right now our world is changing in the most foundational ways. We’re being forced to look at everything we’ve believed and got a deeper sense of what’s true and what’s a lie. However, fear distorts our perception and blocks our ability to see clearly. Only when we reside in harmony do we access clarity and power. When everything on the outside is unstable, we can only find certainty WITHIN!

Join me for this week’s episode of MindBody TV to learn how choosing love elevates your perception, restores true knowing, and keeps you resilient in times of uncertainty.


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  1. As you tune into your body it will ease up, thank you Dr Kim what a great gift you are giving us!
    I have lived most of my life in fear, I had no idea that I could choose love!
    One of the best things I ever did for myself was to give myself a gift of joining EH,

  2. Hi Kim,

    I love your podcasts (or whatever they’re called). They help me come back to myself. I completely resonate with what you teach about breathing. Using my breath has saved me. I literally don’t know how I would have gotten through this so far since March without conscious breathing. My life has been dominated by fear, and even with the breath I feel I’m holding on by a thread and not sure if I’ll make it through all of this.

    Holy crap. You were right. How did you know? When I connected with you several months ago in response to a question you had invited us to answer and you said just to wait and see what’s coming. On one hand, I feel validated by what is surfacing about the cabal and the evil that’s been happening with the children in light of the horror shit show that I experienced as a child. I don’t feel quite so much crazy cognitive dissonance. My inner and outer reality feel much more in alignment in a way that feels awful but more real to the extent that more people are waking up and the truth is slowly coming out.

    I have 2 questions if I may:
    1. Energy seems so subtle. In my hypervigliance, I’ve always looked to the external world of matter to orient myself and feel safe. Also, healing has been the focus of my adult life with ability to survive but limited results.
    Is energy medicine too subtle to heal deep and pervasive trauma and neglect/attachment issues? For example, I’ve regularly and intentionally been doing the softening and breathing you speak about and feel some relief in the moment but still have a totally miserable life experience.
    I know you’re a physician and realize my question is more psychological in nature and less geared toward physical ailments.

    2. Which of your offerings would you recommend for the poor woman’s version?

    Thank you, Kim! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Much gratitude and many blessings.

    • Hi Kimerlea,

      The answer to your first question is YES! You can heal trauma using Dr. Kim’s work. 100%. All healing is possible and is our natural state of being.
      I would highly recommend the Instant Elevation Program to go deeper into this work.


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