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Why things seem to get worse before they get better

If you’ve been asking for greater health, love, and abundance, only to witness your world falling apart as deep pain and anxiety emerges, you’re not alone. So often the process of expansion requires us to meet our pain more fully and to no longer suppress the fear and grief we’ve held most of our lives.

This process does not need to keep you stuck! When you understand what’s going on, you can meet this experience with willingness so the energy moves fluidly and you are free.

Join me live for this week’s MindBody TV episode to learn what it means when pain intensifies and how to move through that to greater freedom, health, and abundance!

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The conventional approach to healthcare is to kill the disease or fight the pain. “Allopathic medicine” is about finding the pathogen and attacking it. This approach does little to support and expand health. When symptoms arise, we make them wrong. However, often symptoms intensify as they are resolving. Thinking that things are getting worse, we may choose to suppress symptoms and counteract the process of healing.

In this video, Dr. Kim shares essential pieces of the healing process that will help you unlock what is happening in the healing journey.

Often, we’re taught to suppress what we feel in the body. It is all these suppressed energies that eventually create symptoms. They need a way to release! As we are getting better, things will begin to come up and intensify, as they are no longer suppressed. As you clear the way for more, keep going toward the process, instead backing away.

We don’t always feel “good” as we’re healing, but if we make space for what’s coming up, the energy will move! 

Can you embrace your darkness? Can you embrace the spaces that feel so contracted and painful? If you breathe into those spaces, presence what you feel, and take deep breaths, energies will shift. The light of your consciousness is what transmute those energies. It is through your willingness to sit with them that they resolve and release.


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