Who Really Controls the World?

As we awaken and come to see that many societal systems are not as they seem, it may anger or frustrate us. We realize society’s views have been manipulated, governing structures are fraudulent, and we’ve been led to behave in ways that are not in our own best interest. Rather than fight against these findings, which only keeps us in the lower frequencies of powerlessness, fear, and anger, what if we simply reclaim our power?

In this powerful episode of MindBody TV I share why YOU are in fact the one running the show of what’s happening in your life and how to reclaim your power so we change the world!


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  1. Hi Kim
    Great talk! You mentioned at the end two people worth looking up. I did not pick up on their names. Please would you let me know.

    Warm wishes


  2. I love this topic! Thank you for bringing it to light in such an enlightened way.

    I’m a holistic dietitian awakened to the cracks in not only the health care system, especially after Covid, but also the other systems.

    I am well versed on the info around the conventional health care system and how news media is funded but could you share some more resources on how to dig into the background with the other systems. I just heard you sharing Aaron Abkey for the financial. Thanks for that !!

  3. Great video…invigorating !


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