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What if I Surrender to Life and I Am Disappointed?

There were some great questions from last week’s Facebook LIVE video and I wanted to be sure to answer these to bring you deeper into the experience of SURRENDER.

This is the most powerful way to RECEIVE health instead of trying to create it.

If you’ve ever felt disappointed by Life, or afraid to let go because you might not get what you want… watch it now!

If you’ve ever wondered “How do I surrender? What does that look like?”… I’ve spoken directly to that here!

For those of you interested in the Embracing Health program and ready to work with me live… HERE are the details of the program!

Keep allowing and letting Light in!


Love, Dr. Kim



  1. However miserable and disappointing a thing may be, one should not brood over it and think about it.

    “Take the worry from within and fling it out, and be free of it by occupying yourself in daily chores in the usual routine.

    “All this is nothing. It is a zero, an imagination, a show! Whatever has happened, has happened!

    “Whether it be happiness or misery, both are the same. Neither is lasting. When you were miserable, you were feeling sad. Now that feeling has left you. Similarly, if you had nothing to worry about, you would have been happy. But even then happiness would not have lasted. Of what use would even that happiness have been to you? So whatever misery or happiness is here today, it will pass away and then there will be nothing!

    “Everything comes, everything goes. But from the spiritual viewpoint, if one bears suffering, it is very good.” –Meher Baba

  2. SUCH a great video packed with wisdom. You’re the BEST Dr. Kim!!

  3. As the Rolling Stones sing about:You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need. Universe has my back, even if I am in fear, I become aware of my oneness with universe.


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