Health, energy, and vitality are not hard work. In fact, the more you work at it the less you will have.
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If you've been struggling with any of the following:
  • Low energy

  • Chronic pain

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Autoimmune illness, thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue syndrome
  • Inability to enjoy and digest foods easily.

  • Having been told “you will always have this illness” or "you must take medications"

  • Your life revolves around “working on” your health.

Then it's time to STOP the struggling and EMBRACE HEALTH

What does it mean to EMBRACE HEALTH? 

  • to LET GO of everything you think about your health, your body, food, and what you need to do to be healthy

  • to align with your NATURE and who you are really here to be

  • to be willing to RECEIVE Abundance unconditionally

  • to ALLOW The Universe to guide you so life is effortless

  • to be WILLING to expand into what Life has for you and release your agendas for what you think that’s supposed to be

Most people try to achieve health, wealth, and success in a way that goes against their nature. That means you’re battling your body, so of course your body will react and rebel!

What if you let everything be easy?!
​​​​​​​What would that do for your body?

The idea of letting go of your fight for health may bring up lots of fear. FEAR tells us:

“If I let go, my body will go out of control.”

“My illness will get worse if I surrender.”

“I will lose if I stop fighting.”


“I have to keep going in order to get ahead.”

For many, the idea that “life is hard” has been so ingrained that we prove it to ourselves over and over.

That’s because you haven’t been aligning with your nature.

When you’re out of alignment, you’re disconnected from Source of health and vitality.

Your body’s wisdom cannot work for you.

This disconnect within yourself brings struggle and hardship, and limits your body’s ability to heal.

This disconnection can show up in various ways, physically, mentally, and emotionally:

  • your immune system is out of balance and you have autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue

  • your energy is depleted and you live in chronic fatigue

  • your digestive system is out of balance and you need to restrict your diet

  • your body is in chronic pain and inflammation

  • solutions come but they are complex, expensive, and exhausting.
No matter how hard you work to alter your diet, use supplements, take medications, or have the right tests, your body can never be fully whole while you are disconnected from yourself.

The truth about your body is:

  • Abundance is your natural state.

  • Freedom is free (and lets your body thrive) when you stop blocking it.

  • When you surrender to Ease, life becomes easy! Your body can release inflammation so you tolerate foods easily, have high energy, and no longer require medications or supplements.
  • What you most deeply need arises from within you, and as you allow this, it is reflected in your life, work, and relationships.

  • When you stop working hard, things can come effortlessly.

  • The wisdom of your body knows exactly what you need in order to be healthy… and it’s simple.
I’m Dr. Kim D’Eramo.

For years I battled my body and strived to succeed in life. Finally, I developed an autoimmune disease. I lived in daily pain and severe fatigue and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my body! I tried everything and worked hard to heal. I understood “mind over matter” and used it to try even harder to overcome this illness.

The harder I worked to heal, the more illness, pain, and fatigue I had.

When I received a diagnosis and was told I had to go on medications, would have to alter my lifestyle dramatically, and that this would be life-long, it occurred to me “This isn’t true for me. I know there is something more that is possible here.”

​​​​​​​It was then I let go of everything I was trying to DO to fight the illness. My actions had all stemmed from my fear and lack of control. Instead, I surrendered and started listening more deeply to what my body needed. Something else came in to guide me, and everything changed.

When I stopped fighting and trying to figure things out, I finally accessed my body’s Wisdom. It had been there all along but was being suppressed by my fear. When I finally allowed my Wisdom to take over, everything changed.

My body healed within days, and I had no more pain and fatigue. This set the foundation for my practice of medicine. I started tuning in more deeply to invite my body’s Wisdom to come forward and heal my body. This allowed my life to become more and more effortless and Abundant.

Over the past decade, I’ve shared this with people and practitioners all over the world.

​​​​​​​These are the patterns I've noticed that are blocking people from their own Wisdom & from sourcing their health…

1. “It can’t be that easy.”

​​​​​​​Some people are not ready to embrace that life could be this effortless. This approach sounds too simple, since they’ve tried so hard to heal and learned about the complexity of the body’s machinery. They’re looking for complex solutions and are trying to work harder to make them work. They believe it has to be hard, and so that’s where they stay.

2. “I don’t deserve it.”

Some are not ready to receive Abundance. They believe on some level that they should work hard to improve themselves. They’ve learned that their body doesn’t tolerate certain foods, or their body has a specific condition that will not change, and so they live in lack. They believe that if they can just learn more be more disciplined, things will be okay.

3. “This is too good to be true.”

Some people understand that health and Abundance come from within, but think it’s not possible to “have it all.” They compromise in their work, their relationships, and their life. Their health suffers as a result. Their mind thinks they have to compromise and so they suppress the calling of their Heart for more.

I’m here to share that it is all up to YOU! You can choose to live in Abundant health and wellbeing. This is not something that can be earned, it is something that is allowed and received.

You can choose the things that and make you come alive. When you do, life is effortless, your body has vitality, and you receive​​​​​​​ abundance.

Are you ready to choose YOU?

When you begin to choose from what you know, instead of what you think, you align with your nature and embrace health and wealth.

The Embracing Health program is designed to assist you in connecting with your body’s wisdom so you easily receive health and abundance.

The benefits are:

Align with your wisdom and internal guidance so life is effortless
Resolve illness and symptoms so you live in vitality and health
Be free from requiring medications and supplements
Connect with like-hearted individuals who are also awakening into this journey
Dr. Kate Zachau
Arlene Petrush
Kim Spair
Ellen Gosselin
"I no longer have Lupus!"

"This created a space for choices I would never have made in the past. I no longer need to take these supplements or avoid these foods anymore because my body is in a space of wellness. This past week I had a follow-up appointment with a practitioner I have been seeing for energy medicine treatments. I had stopped feeling the need to go as often. I did go for my follow up testing though, and I left there with a PERFECT SCORE and she tests all things - every gland, every organ, every mineral, every food sensitivity, every hormone .... and her husband who is in the field of genetics developed a frequency device to turn on the genes to fight your condition - it too showed no lupus in the body! I am in awe with the fact that even though I still have some physical symptoms, I am connected to the wellness in my body. I can just feel it! The validation was great to have too! A huge big hug to Dr. Kim, and thanks for your profound work - the last call we had really shifted things!" 
Lara Cathcart

"Prior to working with Dr. Kim, I had focused on healing from chronic fatigue and related physical and emotional symptoms for more than 15 years. I read books, worked with many practitioners, and devoted great amounts of my time, energy, and money towards trying to get well. Although I made significant progress over time, I was still mostly functioning from a place of fear and struggle.  

The degree of healing I’ve experienced through working with Dr. Kim is remarkable. This simple, yet profound, practice has changed my life. I have gained increased ease and fluidity throughout my day, more joy and wellbeing, greater love and compassion for myself, my family, and others, deeper presence and connection, and openness to life and its possibilities. 

I am immensely grateful to Dr. Kim and highly recommend working with her!"

Hayley Spizz
"My migraines are GONE! I was at the chiropractor 3 times a week; now it's more like 3 times a year! I'm living fully with passion, fun, and others are commenting." -
Roma Clasper
"Everything feels different. My energy levels are better! I'm able to care for myself and have energy and patience with my kids... I'm having FUN and got something even bigger than expected out of this program! This is the program that keeps on giving!"
Heather Johnson
"I am off medications and my GERD symptoms and colitis is resolving! My husband and children have been more open to me, and our family meetings are open and connected... If you have Autoimmune Disease, this is the route to go!"
Patty Schroeder
"After being on disability for years with Lyme Disease, and spending over $100,000 on treatments, running from one thing to another, you got right to the meat of what was really going on for me! My physical illness is resolving! I am no longer in fear. I had fears of being in a group instead of one-on-one, and got way more from the group than I'd ever expected! Everyone should take this program!" 
Trisha Loomis
Have you run this program before and what have the results been?​​​​​​​

Embracing Health is the next evolution of a group program I have been running for several years called “Radical Health.”

I have seen powerful expansion of participants in their health, their relationships, their work situations, and their relationship with money. Many have gotten off of medications for pain, anxiety, and depression. Many have been able to tolerate foods, after having required a restrictive diet.

What results can I expect?  

Results are dependent on what you are ready to expand into for your life and health. Changes can occur in your health and energy, in your relationships with others, in your work environment and work situation, and in the Abundance you receive. This may happen right away, or after a period of time.

For most participants in the past, they have noticed significant changes in all of these.

 I’ve already tried everything. Could this really help me?  

When we’re willing to release everything we think we know, and release control and fear, everything can happen. This program will assist and guide you through that process of connecting with what Life has in store for you.

If this program resonates with you, it’s because your consciousness knows this is a contribution to you. Be willing to release what you think needs to happen, so you can receive what you are truly ready for now.

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