The Inner Game of Surrender: Access Automatic Healing

Every moment is an opportunity to come either more fully into alignment with our power and healing….or to move further away from it. When we try to heal ourselves we actually contract into the small-self identity (Self 1) who is the one holding all the fear/illness programming! That’s why you get worse the more you try to heal. Conundrum?

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV where I’ll share why the small-self just makes things worse and how to shift to Self-2 – The Infinite Power within you who DOES know exactly how to heal and shift everything!

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  1. This was the best one yet. I have been getting sicker, eating just 4 foods, reacting to everything, my life closing in on me. I have been doing brain retraining, which worked so well for me in the past, but now I am working so hard on interrupting these constant scary thoughts — ‘but if it gets worse I will die,’ etc. —- that it is still worsening. I cannot seem to figure out how to soften and surrender when I am within a barrage of crazy, all-consuming symptoms. I would love to hear more about surrender because as I soften, the symptoms immediately trigger me back to fear and contraction, incessantly. I cannot seem to stand bravely in my trust that it is okay to soften despite all the symptoms.

    • Hi Tanya, thank you for your comment.
      Please feel free to reach out to our support team at with any questions or any guidance you may need. We are here to support you.

  2. Thank you Dr. Kim,
    LOVED this video…how to surrender…SO needed this right now in my journey.
    I know you through Kyle’s community and have become a big fan of yours as well !
    Gratitude & love ❤️

  3. I read Tanya’s comment and it sounds just like me but also meditate and try tapping my hand won’t usually go to my head sometimes not even my chin I would love to hear how to surrender without getting hurt it’s not easy when you have no balance or much strength. Can I trust the universe to keep safe 🤔

    • Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment. I invite you to send a message to We can help support and guide you.


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