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Overcoming Doubt, Fear, and Shame

Don’t buy into your own thoughts about what’s possible!

I was SO inspired by a woman who knew she was ready to expand and release old patterns, and wanted to work with me, but held herself back because was struggling with self-sabotage and not comfortable in her own body.

When she was finally ready to say YES to herself she signed up for my private Mini-Integration Program.

So much moved during our session. She was fully aware of the heavy layers of anger, fear and shame, and was able to release them in such a short time.

She was telling herself that she didn’t matter and that she wasn’t enough. This way of thinking showed up in her life and her body as feeling as if she didn’t deserve what she wanted or fear that she would be judged. I was able to assist her to move through these layers fluidly and allow them to dissolve.

When SHE was ready, none of that mattered. She showed courage and a willingness to ALLOW all of that to fall away so she could receive something more!

When you show up for yourself, you can overcome those internal obstacles and that voice of doubt that keeps you from living in freedom and abundance.

If you are ready and willing to receive, I invite you to the mini-integration program where I will assist you in releasing so many layers so you can open to health, freedom, joy and passion.

This is a great gift you can give to YOURSELF this Holiday Season!!




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