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If Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog are stifling your life, read this…

The MindBody Solution for Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog

I’ve just created “The MindBody Solution for Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog” and am excited to share this invitation with you!!

When I started this work, patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Brain Fog seemed to be in the hardest position.

They were all struggling with severe symptoms, but the harder they fought to overcome this, the worse things would get.

I could see how suppressed they felt, and when I’d share my story of resolving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome they would think Well that’s okay for her, but this can’t happen for me.

There was so much heaviness and most of them couldn’t see a way out.

That’s when I dug deep to feel into what really had me move beyond chronic fatigue/brain fog and depression.

It was not positive thinking…

It was not trying harder to overcome the heaviness…

It was not finding the “solution” out there from some guru or expert who could “help” me…

What actually allowed this resolution (and has been the same thing I’ve guided so many clients through) was to establish deeper compassion for myself in the heaviness, fear, and grief I was trying so hard to avoid.

I hadn’t been aware of the deeper energies in my body that underlied my symptoms.

I had been aware of the physical symptoms and how relentless the fatigue was…

how I felt like a victim to the migraine headaches, brain fog, and illness…

how I would have done anything to get out of this and go back to my regular life…

….but that wasn’t what life had in store for me.

Instead, I actually needed to let the experience *in*, get off track of my previously-scheduled agenda, and stop fighting my body.

I had to soften to let in all the energies that were buried in me for so long, and let them move through.

That felt like the scariest thing in the world.

I was sure the fatigue would swallow me up and I’d melt off into oblivion.

I was sure the brain fog was holding me back and I just needed to push through and get clear.

I was sure that life was overwhelming me and I needed to NOT. GIVE. UP.

I had no idea how much more abundance life had in store for me through allowing this experience.

I’ve seen the same thing with countless clients I’ve worked with!!

Some had post-concussion syndrome…

Some had Lyme Disease or Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)…

Some had been diagnosed with an Autoimmune Illness…

Some had no idea what was “wrong” with them and had been told it was all in their head!

All of them needed something so profound, they were starving for it.

That’s because healing from Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog is more about opening something* inside us, than finding the solution *out there.

I’ve created the MindBody Solution for Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog to bring this process to you, so you can open and allow profound healing within you.

You do not need to suffer from symptoms anymore.

The answer is within you.

HERE is the link to learn more.

If you’re ready to…

  • let your body resolve disease instead of managing it for years
  • get off medications for pain, anxiety, depression, and chronic illness
  • release brain fog so you see the world clearly and function fluidly within it
  • increase your energy and live in full vitality
  • stop chasing “healers” and treatments and finally live in wholeness and health

If you’re ready to step into life more fully and receive the abundant energy and vitality here for you, join me!!!

The MindBody Solution for Chronic Fatigue

is Now Open for Enrollment

​XOX Love,

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