MindBody Medicine and EFT Tapping for Colds/Flu Symptoms

Feeling sick? Hoping you don’t get sick? Feel better right away by strengthening your immune system. Let’s activate self-healing now!

In this episode of MindBody TV I share the 4 biggest blocks that slow healing when you’re sick, and guide you through some EFT Meridian Tapping to release those and speed your recovery now!

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  1. Love this . I don’t have a cold . I substituted my physical immune illness for this.

  2. Is this a technique that can be used for anxiety?

    • yes!

  3. So good! Thank you so much!

    One question to you as a physician/mind-body-practitioner: I was overdosed/poisoned with high dose D3 five years ago and get severe arhythmia since when I supplement even low dose D3 (I can’t even tolerate rubbing it into my skin). No MD/practiioner has had any idea on what to do, no one seems to have heard of this (detox the stored D3, rebalance the receptors etc.???) My levels are very low. Do you have any wisdom on what might help?



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