Letting Go: Surrender to Activate Healing

We often muscle our way through things, fighting our problems and struggling to manage our lives. Especially during the holidays, this overwhelm and tension becomes unbearable. What would it feel like to just let go and have everything work out for you? If that were truly how things worked, would you be willing to let some things go?

In this episode of MindBody TV I share why surrender is the most powerful activator for healing and manifestation and how to let go and let the majesty of your life show you what’s really possible!

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  1. Be Still and Know…

    As you said, it takes great courage daily to persevere with your physical body to be still and do nothing! Out of that stillness comes the painful and agonizing emotions that bubble up from with in. It like putting a bicycle pump to your chest and body and then having ones s entire being being pump up to point of where you feel like you are going to explode. Swelling like a balloon!!

    And I notest it gets worse with age if one does not have the tools to deal with!

    Anyway, thank you for the practical tools! The bottom line is: IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS!!! I wish the hell I had these tools in my college days and been able to make intelligent choices then. Now at my age all one can to is concentrate as C.S. Lewis once said: ” To make a Good Exit.” Not ending up turning to stone and rot away in some old person home. To go in one sleep when ever the time comes in peace! And your tools help in improving the quality of life until then.

    Have a Peaceful Christmas and New Year.


    Bill and Carol

  2. When the going get tough! Many go into Survival mode! Clamp down. Your tools to slow down and get still and let go!

    Thank you.

    Bill and Carol


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