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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Health: How Your Inner World Affects Your Body

Every thought you have ignites a neuro-chemical response in your body that affects every cell.

Listen to this week’s episode of our “Back-to-Basics Summer Series” week 2, where I shared how to shift these inner signals to ignite powerful change in your outer world. 

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  1. July 13,2023

    Dr. Kim, Mario and Staff

    Thank you for the video on feelings. Especially in the end you mention to focus on the feelings activate health in the body and brain. One thing that has help is to let my physical body come into stillness. The stillness of the body seems to open the heart and body to let these energies(Feelings) come to the surface to be processed. As some one over 70+ it has help. But not with out struggling with much pain,sorrow and grief. Better that then turning into a frozen old person playing cards and rotting away into dementia. It is critical that these feelings don’t get stuck in the body to raise all kinds of misery depending on one’s DNA.

    Anyway thank you for the valuable tools of stillness and other tools. At least it gives me a fighting chance to slow the curse of old age and finish this life in grace. Like going in one sleep and not rotting way in pain and misery in hospice.

    Heart felt warmth,

    Bill and Carol oh. usa

  2. very interested to hear that this work helps older people as well as the young or middle-aged! Thank you to Bill and Carol for mentioning that they are over 70 years old. Life can begin at ANY age! Hoorah for the SENIORS!


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