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How to Emerge Beyond Duality During the Holidays

When we see ourselves as separate, there is always right and wrong. This has come to a head in what we’re dealing with in the world right now: lots of fear, and strong opinions about what needs to happen to make things okay. But if the world is a reflection of US, how can things change until we do? What would it take for us to come into peace NOW so that things can sort out and harmony can be created?

Join me for this week’s episode of MindBody TV where I’ll share the 3 Stages of Awakening and how to move into unconditional peace so you create peace in your body and on earth this holiday season.


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  1. When I listen to you…it is amazing but I usually get a stabbing pain in my right side of my back. Wowser. Something is happening. 🙂
    Something must be moving out.

    • Keep allowing whatever is coming up to move. Your body is letting you know where you are carrying this.

  2. Hi Dr. Kim,

    Your comments about young people being forced to accept that they must fit into societal expectations resonated deeply with me. So many times it’s those who are considered “oddballs” who make change for the better in the world. A lot of times their ideas don’t get accepted until after they are gone from this life, but they are the ones who are all about contributing, not getting any glory. Fulfilling their calling or mission in life is enough for them. That is the highest ideal. Thank you for your life-changing work of healing others, and your generous, humble attitude. You embody exactly what I am trying to convey.

  3. The most confusing part, which I know is my ego/mind is trying to ‘figure out’ how I can have a preference and still be neutral. I know the answer is about witnessing, but I feel like the way I try to do it is so much ‘work’. What do I feel, why do I feel this way, wait I feel this way because of this other thing. And it all goes into what seems like and endless cycle. I’m not sure if that is more mind work. Then I have to do that in every situation.

    • See if you can release the idea that this has to be “work”. You don’t actually have to figure it out (that’s all in the mind). If you can release this, and just be with whatever is coming up and allowing that without trying to change it or “fix” it, that is when it can begin to shift.


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