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Why you can’t “fight disease” and how to Embrace Health

Our bodies are VIBRATIONAL, not primarily physical. What we resist persists. That’s why no matter how hard you try to fight disease, use the right supplements to fix your body, or regiment your behavior and diet…you just keep having more challenges to deal with.

When you open your system and ALIGN with health, wellbeing, and prosperity, everything changes.

Join me for this episode of MindBody TV to step into a new dimension of what’s really possible for your body!!

I will also be sharing about my new program “Embracing Health” and how to unlock the infinite power within you to access healing beyond what’s been possible for you before!




In this video, Dr. Kim talks about unlocking the infinite power within you to access healing beyond what’s been possible for you before.

The concept of embracing health is knowing how powerful you are and accessing that inner power. Usually, our idea of health is about a quick fix. But a quick fix is not true expansion. It won’t bring us into our higher frequency, or a higher experience of our true health. The difference between embracing health versus just getting a fix is massive. Anything that doesn’t create true expansion is not the same thing as embracing health.

A true expansion of health is a true expansion of everything you are – your abundance, wealth, joy, love, and all the truth of who you are.  And it’s only with the true expansion into health or abundance and wealth that we experience the joy that we’re looking for.

We can only create more of what we focus on. Where your attention goes is where your energy flows. If your attention is on your problems and symptoms, you will only receive an expansion of those things, which are more problems to solve and more challenges to work with. If you switch from trying to fight disease into embracing health, you will get to be on a completely different journey.

We are primary vibrational, not physical. Your physical body is governed by your energy body. It’s not a matter of being positive. It’s a matter of letting everything transmute and allowing energy to release. Be willing to move into the energy instead of trying to make it go away. Anchoring into a greater level of stability, being present, making space, and just breathing will allow so much more to be created in your body.

You’re ready for an expansion. Take some time, light some candles, get your journal, do a few deep breaths. Give the energy some space and give it your loving, willing, and open attention. Let yourself experience it as you allow the energy to release. At this moment, you can be free. You can have serenity. There’s nothing to wait for. Choose it now.


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  1. what did you do to strengthen your pelvic floor after you released the energies?

  2. Unfortunately, it is NOT affordable for most folks. That per month, is more than a car payment.

  3. If you don’t have the money, Kim…you don’t have the money. Food, shelter, clothing, all comes first. It amazes me at the amount of folks like yourself, online, who charge exorbitant amounts for helping others.. I believe it is all within us to figure out our own way, without mortgaging our home to embrace health. You should really think about the amount you are charging folks, many who are in a desperate health situation. If it were one on one with you for the entire program, which it isn’t, (you drop in now and then), it would still be waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much money!

    • Hey Lynn, Thanks for sharing! Kim has a totally FREE LIVE weekly MindBody TV episode, this blog, a podcast and a FREE resources page on this site. All of that help is with no charge at all. Please be sure and check all those out! There are also some lower cost Mini Courses from $25-$49 under home study programs. Hope that helps you!!


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