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Can you really release chronic pain instantly?

Millions of people are living in severe chronic pain or illness. Many have tried medications. Some understand mind-body medicine. Most have NOT been able to heal themselves.

What’s required is a shift in perspective. Moving away form trying to get rid of pain; moving toward loving and embracing everything as it is.

There is immense power within you. When you unleash it, your body CAN heal and be free. This shift isn’t a slow, arduous process, it’s a shift in you electromagnetic frequency. It happens INSTANTLY.

Tune in to this week’s MindBody TV LIVE to learn how this works and tools you can use to activate healing in your body now!

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Today, more men and women are living in severe chronic pain than ever before in history. Many people understand the body’s ability to heal itself. But as much as they try, it’s not working.

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about how to ignite the body’s ability to heal itself and release, sometimes instantly. In osteopathic medicine, she learned many things about the anatomy of the nervous system and what pain has to do with all that. The physical body, as we experience it, can instantaneously shift when we shift the energy we are in. 

Did you know that your brain turns up the volume on the areas that you pay the most attention to? We are in charge of how the brain is registering sensations from our bodies. The problem is, we’ve been conditioned to fear what we sense. The idea of being a sensual being is seen as something to be suppressed. 

If you send love wherever you are feeling pain in your body, it will create chemical shifts and changes. You can change the way sensation is transmitted through the nervous system. Send love to what you notice. Sense an area and say “It’s okay body, I love you.” Be willing to listen and receive what’s happening as opposed to turning it off.

Pain, especially chronic pain, is a repressed sensation. Thinking of it as a sensation neutralizes it. Pain is not an enemy you need to fight, especially because what you resist persist. What your body needs the most are your love and presence. Don’t think that shifting your frequency doesn’t shift anything. Even if the physical hasn’t been shifted yet, you are working with the energy – the expression of what’s happening cellularly.

If you begin to feel into the area of the body that has pain and tune in to it, it will carry meaning to you. Feel into the physical area and the idea of it. Take a few deep breaths. Bring in light into your body and just feel what you feel.

The physical body is always responding to the energy frequency we are in. Beneath all of the physical reality, our cells are made of molecules. Our molecules are made of atoms. The atoms are actually waves of energy. There’s not a physical static thing! We are composed of waves of energy that are constantly changing.

So look underneath the physical and look at the energetic – the blueprint your body is in. Re-patterning what’s going on in the brain will cause you to nurture your body more, not less. Because as you get out of fear, you have more awareness of what your body really needs.

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  1. “Millions of women are living in severe chronic pain or illness” I would change it to millions of people, as pain doesn’t care about your gender, race, age etc

    • Thank you. We will make that change.

  2. My heart is not functioning properly. I had an ejection fraction rate of 25% and two chambers were/are enlarged. The thing is that I have none of the ‘norrnal’ problems associated with this condition i.e. clogged arteries, weak valves or high blood pressure. I do have AFib and there’s some speculation that’s been a long-standing situation. I believe I will heal, but so far the drugs aren’t controlling my heart rate. There’s a limit to the medications I’ve been prescribed as I have very low BP normally. I’m hoping that listening here today will give me more ‘tools’ to use.
    Thank you so much for this.

  3. I highly recommend that a spontaneous appreciative compliment given to any well functioning organ, system, or function is a great and authentic way to give (and receive) love with one’s mindbody. For example: “What a nice, clear breath.” “Excellent bowel movement!” Good urinating bladder and prostate.” “It’s to beat such good digestion–thank you!”


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