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Are you investing your energy wisely?

If you’ve felt sick, depleted, burned-out, overwhelmed, or you aren’t healing the way you think you should be….it may be because you haven’t learned to invest your energy wisely. Energy in the body is like money: when you invest it wisely it grows and expands! When you’re depleted it’s almost always because you’re squandering your energy on things that aren’t really serving you. How do you know what’s a wise investment? Easy! Listen to your body! It will always tell you. You have the ability to know 100% what will bring you more energy, life, love, joy, and expansion, and what will deplete you.

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Have you felt sick, burned-out, and overwhelmed? You are not alone. Many people today are depleted. Their bodies are falling apart as they squander their energy on things that aren’t serving them.

The body’s energy is like a bank account. Investing wisely will cause it to grow and expand. If you throw it around, not being mindful of what you’re doing with it, you will lose it and get depleted.

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about wise energy investment. Energy investment is just like money investment. You don’t think of throwing your money around, right? The same thing applies with your energy. Just because you have it doesn’t mean you should give it away easily. 

Imagine starting with 100 points of energy every day. You get up in the morning and you don’t get the right nutrition with your breakfast. You lose 10 points. Your body is not in great alignment so you lose another 10 points. You got worried about something at work, another 10 points. You argued with your spouse, didn’t get enough sleep, and so on. All of a sudden, you find yourself having only 10% of energy to run your day on. You may think that it’s going to be a bad day, but when you invest this 10% energy in the things that feed and fuel you, it will grow! You could make it a great day even if you started at 10%, if only you will look at where you’re investing your energy.

What are the things you can do each day that are a wise energy investment? It may be a conversation with a friend, a short walk outside, or just being still. Investing your energy in the things you are passionate about will amplify and expand it. You could even end up with more energy than what you started with.

You can know 100% what will bring you more energy, life, love, joy, and expansion, and what will deplete you. Listen to your body. Bring back yourself to the core where you get energy from. Connect with it and be ready to receive energy in unlimited amounts.

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