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5 Gratitude Practices that Will Change Your Life

Gratitude welcomes in more abundance and joy, and has a powerful healing affect on your body. But when we’re struggling or in pain, having appreciation for what’s going on seems like putting ice cream on top of poop. How do we honor what’s authentic while cultivating appreciation for all that is?

Join me for this episode of MindBody TV for 5 easy practices you can implement now that are guaranteed to increase vitality and change your life. (You’ll love the final one, especially if your empathic and tend to feel things very deeply!)





Are you living in a level of lack and you know there is more available to you, and you’re wondering how to access it? Did you know that appreciation allows a cellular shift and ignites health?

In this video, Dr. Kim shares 5 gratitude practices that will change your life and a cellular integration to welcome in appreciation.

  1. Thank your pillow. When you wake up in the morning, appreciate what you’re feeling in your body. Feel your head on the pillow and how soft it feels. Let yourself appreciate that. Even if you don’t have a cozy bed, is there some level of comfort you can find somewhere to access and cultivate appreciation? A good time to cultivate something new and more expansive is immediately right after you wake up in the morning – when the brain is very receptive to new information. Doing this practice in the first ten seconds or ten minutes of waking up will allow you to take advantage of the openness that’s happening in the brain.


  2. Do gratefuls at dinner. When you sit down for dinner, share the things you’re thankful for. This is something everyone can access. You can do it before or during meals, but it’s helpful and more beautiful to instill it before meals to get your body in the state of appreciation, where your receptivity for food is greatly enhanced. Isn’t it amazing that all of your digestive enzymes and your cellular messaging for getting you out of stress and into the body happen when you begin to cultivate gratitude?
  3. Thank you, I love you…. The Ho’oponopono Mantra is a powerful ancient healing art cultivating gratitude and love to allow the clearing of old states of being, which then allows the clearing of pain, illness, or fatigue. It’s a four-part mantra: I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me,  and Thank you. Put your hand in your heart and resonate with that. It is all about becoming aware of what you’re feeling. As you sit with yourself and do this practice, it will be a completion of whatever it is resonating with you.

  4. Give thanks for what’s coming. You may think that you can be grateful for the simple things and it will ignite a shift for you and expands from there. The truth is, you can expand it to things that don’t exist in your 3D reality at the moment. “Thank you” is a way of opening to receive. Practice gratitude for the resolution that’s available to you even if you haven’t accessed it yet.  There is a possibility available to you. You can give thanks for the miracle that has allowed this breakthrough in your life. Give gratitude for the opening that’s available that you haven’t even accessed yet.
  5. Appreciate what you’ve been through. In times when there is nothing good or it all seems like a nightmare, you are the witnesser of that moment. You can see the depth of the pain and you can take a breath. Not many people talk about this kind of appreciation, which is more of a recognition. Just being able to recognize the pain can unlock a lot in your life.  It’s your avoidance of something that keeps you stuck. Trying to put ice cream on top of poop and thinking the ultimate something good is going to come up is avoidance too. When you’re in your dire straits, the pain is overwhelming, and it’s unthinkable to even appreciate what you’re feeling, you can still give thanks.

Take a few deep breaths and put your hand into your heart. Bring your awareness and attention to your heart. Close your eyes and allow everything to relax as you just breathe. Breathe down to your belly. Be present to your body and what you’re noticing. Welcome in the essence of appreciation. Turn up the volume on your thank you. Let it expand. You don’t have to know why. Just welcome all parts of yourself. Exhale and let everything go.

You create what’s happening in your cellular body. Integrate the essence of appreciation every moment.


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  1. You tube would not let me watch the video of the five gratitude practices, Dr. D. Can you send this again? I received a message that YouTube shit it down suddenly. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

    • It’s working for me!


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