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Dr. Kim's Holiday Favorites 
2019 Holiday Bundle
Happy Holidays!

Anticipating a struggle this holiday with family drama, grief, or challenging loved ones?

Here is your Magical Holiday Gift from me!!!

Unlock the power that really lies within you.

Here are the details about what's going on in the MindBody Connection and how to activate it within yourself now. These are 5 audios I created to share the truth about your inner power and how to access it!

1. Your Cells Are Listening
2. The Truth About the Truth
3. Passion: the Key to Your Life Force
4. The Universal Principles of Thriving
5. Your Words Are Medicine

(Sells separately for $49)

Step into the highest version of YOU!

These 5 audio meditations will assist you in releasing your past and soaring forward into a whole new possibility!!

1. Self-Esteem
2. Joy and Freedom
3. Transitioning Into a New Consciousness
4. Sourcing True Serenity
5. Collecting the Parts and Rewriting Your History

(Sells separately for $25)

EFT Tapping Session for Family Holiday Emotions

Anticipating a struggle? Release family holiday triggers before you move into your holiday season. Create a whole new reality with your family and friends to experience joy beyond what was ever possible before!

  • Release old trauma/drama
  • Let go of anticipating the struggle
  • Release grief and loss

EFT Tapping Scripts so you can tap on your own anytime to continue to release emotions related to family and holidays

(Special only for this bundle, not sold separately. Value $55)

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