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How Not to Take on Wrongness from Others

The other day I had a really challenging time after receiving a text from a friend. She was upset about something I had said. It was a misunderstanding but it brought up so much in me:

I became DEFENSIVE, tried to explain, and felt barriers going up to protect myself.

HERE’S what I did instead!

I let all of that go and just FELT INTO WHAT I WAS EXPERIENCING.

(It was not pleasant.)

I didn’t like what she said. I didn’t want her to have this idea of me. It was a misunderstanding, but it felt awful to have her see me that way.
I let go of the need to defend and just took it in…..

This is where I began to feel awful.

I felt….wrong.

YUCK! It was not an easy energy to move through. 

My body knew this was not true, but it was hard to shake!

See, as I considered her point of view, I also TOOK IT ON.

This is not what we need to do.

Especially as highly sensitive beings, we feel things very strongly! 

When we buy into a lie, it feels BAD!

I remembered one of my favorite mantras that has assisted me so much in not taking on others’ energies:
“I am unwilling to make myself wrong no matter what.”

I gave her back her energy and felt SO much better.

I was able to have compassion for her in her pain, but not make myself wrong for any of it.

This doesn’t mean I wasn’t owning my part in the misunderstanding. There were some ways I had maybe been vague in my communication and so things could have been misconstrued. No big deal. Doesn’t mean I need to blame myself or make myself wrong. 

I sent her a message owning this and sharing that I was deeply sorry for what came up, and that was it. I didn’t carry this, I didn’t feel bad about any of it, I didn’t carry it forward. 

I let it be as it was and integrated a higher understanding, a higher ability to stand for myself fully, a greater degree of my Divinity. (Yay!)

And I was grateful for the experience.

This is how we can move THROUGH instead of away from our pain.

We can let it serve us and assist our expansion.

We can honor it and welcome the profound opportunity that it represents.

By releasing the willingness to make ourselves wrong, we receive so much more! We show up more fully and willingly and let our light shine!

I’ll be doing a LIVE group call on this topic to share what I’ve learned about releasing being an “EMPATH” and moving into being an “AWAKENED MASTER.”

We can all “awaken” to Truth, and “master” our inner experience so we contribute to the world and shine our Light.

This will be a “bonus call” n the upcoming Mind Your Body 6-week journey. For details to join me CLICK HERE!

I look forward to hearing how you use this tool!



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  1. Kim, your message/anecdote reminds of a saying in a book titled, “The Moment Within” by Craig Ian Ruff: There’re two states of mind: being wrong and being His (God’s, Master’s, the Beloved’s, etc).


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