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Why you can’t fight dis-ease

I’ve recently been sick with all kinds of cold and flu symptoms, but what I realized through this was how powerful my body is at handling and resolving things for me that I haven’t been able to resolve myself.

Your body really does have immense wisdom.

Instead of suppressing my symptoms, which so many of us are trained to do, or battling the illness, trying to elevate my energy and get my body back on my agenda, I took this as an opportunity to celebrate my health. I literally let my body have all of my energy and surrendered to the process.

What happened was amazing.

I felt so many old energies of anger, fear and dread leaving my body. They’re energies that had been with me for a looong time and that I’d felt on and off to some degree, but they got so much louder and more intense through this process.

Instead of resisting them in the past (stuffing them back down, or overriding them with distraction) my body set it up so I had no choice – since my energy was so low! But to let them wash over me without resistance.

I know I can’t battle these energies, because what we resist persists! So I found I needed to love and accept them fully, exactly as they are. This is how the power of LOVE, unconditional love and acceptance allows healing.

I’ve still been feeling physically wiped out, but I already feel so emotionally uplifted and know my body has brought this transformation I’ve wanted so deeply.

Today in a session with a client she moved through some limiting beliefs about “I’m not enough.” This is a powerfully destructive energy. We moved together through this challenge and were able to just let it be all that it was without resistance.

At the end of the session her pain was gone, anxiety had resolved, and she felt better than she had in years.



  1. Thank you! Your short videos are always inspiring & reinforce the clearing of old energies. Love is so powerful because our capacity to share it is infinite! By loving ourselves first, we multiply our ability to love others.

  2. I am not sure what you are trying to say.
    It all sounds very “abstract”.
    Perhaps this is one of those cases where you have to (have) experience(d) it to understand it?

    • Yup! It cannot be understood in the mind. The mind only knows what it already knows and what it is aware that it does not know…but it has no ability to go beyond that into the unknown (or the unknowable.) This must be experienced, and when you do open to this kind of experience, it changes your being forever. You no longer live deluded that the mind is all there is to it.
      See if you can take a few minutes a day to just breathe and experience your breath moving through your body. This is pure awareness, and it goes way beyond the mind.
      It will help you USE the mind, instead of living as if you ARE the mind. The latter is a very limited experience and you can get stuck often. The former (using the mind, but not being the mind) opens you up to all kinds of possibilities, abundance, and freedom. The things that create wellbeing.

      • I’m still a little confused. If I realize that I am affected by the thought, “I am not enough”, why would I want to embrace that? Why would I want to tell myself – “Yes, I’m not enough, but I embrace that. I accept that.”

        • What you do is to “neutralize” that thought or idea. This way, you are no longer triggered by it; it no longer has power in your system or creates impact. When you reject it or fight it, you give it power so it continues to create the unwanted affects. What you resist persists, and neutralizing it just has it be an interesting thought, versus something that runs the show in your system.

  3. I read the mind body toolkit about a year ago.Since then I’ve been on a path to wholeness andhave been leaning towards the buddhist philosophies.Dr Kim takes a lot of these practices and gives practical solutions to actually stop the suffering buddha speaks of.Although there is no magic button, Dr Kim is definitely on the right path and is a valuable tool in our quest for enlightenment

    • Thank you! So glad you loved the book. Keep me posted with how things are going, what challenges have come up and how I can support you!

  4. Thank you for your love, and your generosity to share your gifts freely. You are a bright light of compassion and clarity against the backdrop of a health care system that has gotten off-track. You should be proud of your work. My challenge is pain that is constant, longstanding, and treatment-resistant. No breakthroughs so far, but I feel your insights and methods are valuable, and are helping me cope. You give me hope I will someday get beyond coping and feel well again. Sending my love back to you.

  5. Dr. Kim, I am going to give this a try tonight. Thank you for sharing. I am still confused too on how all of this works, but I continue to look at your videos and practice what you encourage us to do. It makes sense that no one can heal our minds, but ourselves. Drs. can heal hurt and broken body parts, but not the mind. So I am going to continue trying your methods. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I am so tired of this anxiety/depression and I am hopeful for healing.

  6. I like the idea of letting it all out, letting it go, and trusting my inner being to process while I’m asleep. At the moment, I’m going through a HUGE transition in my life — left a toxic job 2 years ago, have a diagnosis that is challenging (ME/CFS) and am feeling lonely and isolated without a family of my own (estranged from my family of origin) and no close friends nearby. I am grateful for the rainy weather as it allows me to feel ok about staying in and going through some of these feelings. Just being with them. I struggle with feeling like I am not up to the challenges in my life, like I don’t have what it takes to not only get through this time, but to come out actually healed on the other. thanks for sharing this and thanks for the space to share.

  7. I’ve left ER nursing after 25 years, finding it very hard to find a different type of nursing job. Money is tight and I find myself depressed, isolated because I’m not working. I have also had some health issues that leave me discouraged ….


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