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Why It’s Essential to Express Emotions

Lately, more and more men have reached out to me asking for assistance, realizing they’re creating pain in their own lives by living out old patterns of thought and behaviors.

All of these men became aware of these destructive patterns because of a desire for more harmony with their women. All of them had been both shutting down emotionally and outbursting in anger. They all became aware that it was time to break the cycle of destruction.

Here’s what happened…

What’s going on with so many men repeatedly bursting out in anger??

As a society, we’ve all been taught not to feel or express our emotions.

It’s not sustainable or natural! Both men and women have alpha (masculine) and omega (feminine) energies, and when these are suppressed or out of balance, our lives just do not work.

When we learn to suppress emotions, overcome our feelings, or hide what we really feel, we create massive destruction and inflammation in our bodies that lead to disease and drama/trauma in our lives.
The energy keeps building up until it erupts….and it often makes a huge mess.

It’s all that pent up omega energy trying to get out in the only way it can!

What if we made space to connect with and share what we’re really feeling in here?
I’ve seen this create a huge release of pain, depression, and physical illness for so many individuals who had been suffering miserably.

I’ve also seen this strengthen our masculine (alpha) energy and ability to be productive, clear and impactful in life.

Here are 3 steps to do this well for yourself or another:

    Notice what you are feeling or call out what you see in the other, i.e. “You seem angry/frustrated/etc.”
    -Breathe as you deepen into the sensation or share compassion for the other who is feeling this way, i.e. “I know it’s hard to feel that way.”
    -Make space for the expression of the emotion without needing an explanation OR trying to make it go away.
    -Tell your body “Thank you. I love you” for being willing to be in the energy of this emotion and express it.
    -Tell the other person “Thank you for sharing this with me” or “You are beautiful when you share what you truly feel.”

Remember, alpha (masculine) energy wants to fix or understand. It will offer solutions or bring in logic. This will not serve you or the other in that omega moment!! Don’t try to feel better while you are in it, just witness and allow it to deepen and express.

Hold space for what arises. Witness and reflect what you see, and appreciate that you’ve connected more deeply with yourself or another.

Let me know what you notice!

I’ve put together an entire course to assist women in deepening into their omega (feminine) energy and in establishing their healthy alpha/omega balance.

I’m also holding a LIVE RETREAT in September to bring you deeper into this journey.
It is designed to powerfully awaken you to your most fully alive and vibrant life!!!

I would love to have you participate either virtually or with me live!!


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Dr. Kim. Just so meant for me to see. .a male friend of mine had that emotional expressed and then totally shut down, not communicate .. so frustrating and I do not want to rescue this friend.. I hope you will have something for men. unless they see and fix it themselves .. I do not think I can or want to change anyone. Thanks


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