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Why fighting disease doesn’t work

If you’ve been trying to “fight disease,” use willpower to lose weight or work hard to overcome your illness or challenges….

HERE’S why that will never work.

When you are fighting your symptoms, your illness, or your disease, (or approaching life this way,) you generate cortisol and other stress chemicals that imbalance your immune system. Your digestive system turns off and you can’t digest your food or eliminate toxins. Your brain goes into “stress mode” and you can’t think clearly or receive insight and inspiration.

All of this prevents you from easily solving the “problem” and moving forward with your life.

Last week I had a client using thousands of dollars worth of supplements (seriously, she was taking about 40 supplements a day!) to get her body back in balance.

When we got her out of this “stress mode,” her body healed easily!! We got her off the expensive supplements and she’s on her way to a full recovery from autoimmune disease.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how to get out of the fight-or-flight stress mode to end illness and reverse your symptoms now!

It’s time to turn off fighting, and tune into your body’s healing response.

I’ll be hosting a LIVE webinar where you’ll have my personal support to apply this to yourself. We’ll go deeper with this, and you’ll get your questions answered live by me.

—-Reserve your spot now for the LIVE webinar!!—-



  1. I have been having chronic pain in muscles and joints for 2 years. Along with aniexty and chronic fatigue. I was diagnosed with MTHFR with all genetic markers. I bought your book and have been using your breathing techniques which seems to help. I am on tons of supplements, do 3 different massages a week and just generally frustrated!! I signed up for the webinar!

  2. THANK YOU Dr Kim, this makes a lot of sense and I have known this for quite a while , however putting it into practise is difficult for me, I look forward to the seminar to help me with this . I suffer with chronic anxiety and live in fear …. all day…. every day. I so want to be ME again.

  3. Dr Kim,
    I’m amazed to hear my words to my therapist literally come out of your mouth. She forwarded your video to me bc I had shared my beliefs regarding fightintg cancer as the absolute wrong approach to healing. I was diagnosed and treated for stage 3 lung ca with mets to mediastinal lymph nodes in November 2014. I told her that I accepted the cancer and mortality. My instinct as a nurse having seen so many elderly pts was that their attitude shaped their medical outcomes. I challenged myself to accept my condition and not fight it. I knew I had to change myself on an emotional level and address how I coped with life. I had to learn to love myself and see myself as valuable in my eyes. I’ve had to learn to let go of suppressing emotions, feeling truth, pleasing others to my own detriment and looking for selfworth outside of myself as many women Iin my generation were socialized to do in order to feel worthy. I somehow knew instinctively that my disease as well as medical issues in general are most often rooted in our emotional pain that remains unrelieved. It’s paramount really as one looks at obesity, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease and so on. Our mind tells our body that it is too much to cope with and our bodies follow suit. A self fulfilling prophecy really. I don’t need to fight cancer. I need to heal my emotions, my hurt and pain and change the way I have been existing in the world. My body is healing itself bc I decided not to fight but to change and heal my mind.
    Respectfully, Donna


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