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Why depression can’t be “fixed”

For years, I fought anxiety and depression. I would sometimes feel such a heaviness in my body and be filled with despair.

I tried so hard to resist this, to change it, to “fix” it… and I did find some quick fixes to mask it, but always it would return.

When I finally learned to surrender to the feelings, to feel them fully in my body and just let them be, everything changed!

I literally broke free from years of anxiety and depression by using this tool.

I made a video for you to introduce you to a powerful MindBody tool that helps you instantly shift states of anxiety depression illness and pain.

I’ve successfully treated patients in the Emergency Room using this technique and had extraordinary results often immediately.

(There’s a cool story in the video.)

Stay tuned for an invitation to a program where I will take you deeper into Meridian Tapping to reverse illness and depression.

Blessings for your health and wellbeing.

-Dr. Kim

P.S. If you are suffering with suicidal depression, do not go it alone. Get support from your doctor, your local Emergency Department or a counselor you trust.

P.P.S. What have been the greatest obstacles to your joy and wellbeing? -to accepting things as they are?

I’m here for support. Just comment below!

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  1. I was relieved to see your post on EFT. I really need more resources on this technique and someone near me who can work with me on this. I have had so many traumatic things happen to me.I thought I was handling them but now I realize that I wasn’t and now I am sick.I have spent the last 5 months trying to do everything to fix the problem, just like you mentioned in your video. I am exhausted and nothing is helping. I just feel scared and anxious all the time. Thank you for any help you can give. I am always thankful to see your posts.

  2. Hi Heather. I’m glad you reached out.
    I totally understand what it’s like to have many layers to come through and deal with.
    There are SO many people who are feeling this way right now for many reasons.

    EFT is such a powerful way of streamlining this growth process and transcending all of those energies.

    I am happy to support you with this. The way I work with people is online.
    I do have a home-study program, which you do yourself and have my support with coaching online.
    Then I’ve got a private program where people work with me directly and I help to a lot of the clearing work for you. It’s very quick, and typically you feel much better, more energized, clearer, and free right away. You also learn exactly what to do to support yourself.

    I would love to have you in that program, but want to see what’s the best fit for you first.

    Here is the link for the MindBody Solution for Anxiety and Depression:

    I will be happy to have my assistant send you an application for my private program as well.
    Blessings, and talk soon!
    -Dr. Kim


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