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Where Should I Start with Self-Healing?

A healing journey can turn into a long and winding road to never-ending seeking. We can quickly become overwhelmed with so much information and so many self-help strategies. This does not contribute to our harmony or health and just creates more work!

Join me this week for MindBody TV to get clear on what really expands your health and abundance and what’s just more stuff to “work on.” Release the pattern of continuous seeking, and open now to the health and abundance that’s here for you!




There’s often so much complexity that can come up when you start a healing journey. When you are stuck in your mind, it becomes even more complex. You can be in the never-ending journey of seeking. The more you look, the more complex it gets. The more you learn, the more there is to do.

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about where to start with self-healing. Self-healing is not about you trying to get more, trying to avoid what you’re feeling, or trying to make things go away. No matter how far you run, or how hard you work, it won’t create healing. You can’t “heal yourself”; you can only open to receive healing. The most important thing about self-healing is YOU being whole in yourself.

Start by bringing your energy back into center. Take a deep breath and tune into the moment and the sensation. Ask yourself with total curiosity, “How am I doing? What’s going on here?” This is not a FEAR check-in, but a LOVE check-in. Tell yourself you care and you want to tune in. Your awareness has creative power.

Welcome in the light of clarity, love, ease, and serenity. If you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed, or scared, welcome in love! As you do this, there will be a frequency shift. Your body will immediately be impacted by your energy or the vibration you are in. 

Remember that your body can only live in the present. Being present is the most powerful place to reclaim your energy and allow new possibilities to come in.


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1 Comment

  1. Thank you somuch again Dr.Kim!
    Today I discovered’ into tears, I had abandend in the past, parts of my body, out of fear from previous experiences and got stuck somewhere.
    I received transmission today.. again…. outside the rain is feeding Mother Earth here around at the moment
    and inside I’m receiving Healing tear’s from Grace.


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