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What Your Response to Coronavirus Has to Say About You

This global pandemic is a powerful time to allow this profound shift in you and access the infinite part of you. You can use this experience to shift even more deeply from separation to unity, from lack to abundance, and from fear to love. 

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about how your response to the coronavirus is a mirror for deeper insight into yourself.

How are you experiencing this transition? What reactions or triggers are coming up for you?

Some are responding with fear, worry, and panic. Some feel guilty because they are at peace and feel powerless to help those who are suffering. Others think that the world is on the brink of destruction.

It is possible to experience abundance, joy, and fluidity unconditionally, no matter what is happening around us. During this time of slowing down, there can be more connection within and with those around you. Even if this is a time of increased action, being on the front lines, finding compassion can bring you into greater connection with your experience now. Releasing old ways of holding it together, and instead opening and sharing what’s in your heart.

Could this be an invitation for you to expand into something higher?

Be willing to go inside yourself now. See if you can let this be an invitation for you to access the deep power in you for yourself, your body, and your life.

  1. What have been your reactions to this experience?
  2. What is your greatest fear or concern now?
  3. In what ways could this be an invitation to enter a greater consciousness and a higher version of you?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. Thank you Dr. Kim, I find it hard to see so many fear in terror and fear. It is my intention to hold peace in my heart, so far, I can’t do that all the time.Thank you for your vedios to help people.

  2. Thank you for explaining that I needn’t feel guilty if I’m not suffering like many others are during the pandemic. I’m retired from the federal government and my pension is unaffected by the pandemic. Then my part time job at Macy’s was shut down but I don’t rely on that income like my coworkers do. Now, I believe i will receive unemployment benefits that will be more generous than what I would have earned if still working. I’ve been feeling a little guilty that I will have a financial gain from the pandemic!

    I’ve been journaling about this and know that the universe is giving this to me and I will be able to do good with the extra money. So, I’m feeling grateful for the abundance that the universe has to offer me.

    In addition, I’m very grateful that I’ve been recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for almost two years now. I feel so strong and healthy now. Wow, the pandemic would have been a completely different experience for me if I was still in the midst of that physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual chaos that was CFS!!!

    Thank you for this video!

  3. Hi Dr. Kim,

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for these videos, I have been watching them for the past few months and especially related to the one you just posted. Have been struggling with heightened anxiety and depression like many others during this time and have found your videos to be extremely grounding and helpful. As someone also in the HSP community, I am super grateful to you for sharing all of your knowledge and insight on mental health and wellness. Your unique perspective on current events, being both a doctor and empath is truly appreciated. Thanks again!


  4. Thank you so much for your great support!! I am an hsp and an empath and I find it really difficult to cope with all the energies I feel in my body. I have been walking my spiritual path for 2,5 years now after a rather brutal awakening process. This pandemic is triggering hard my fear and anxiety( early childhood trauma survivor, have been dealing with generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks for years).

    I am working on releasing the fear and control issues, and i can’t wait to step into my true power physically, mentally and spiritually. I am really craving for my inner peace and freedom

  5. Absolutely beautiful and powerful
    Dr Kim and all
    Thank you & Love

  6. Great message. Thank you for your inspiration.


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