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What is the 1 Trait People with Lyme Disease Have in Common?

Avril Lavigne just came out about her battle with Lyme Disease. The world is taking notice. Lyme disease is one of the most mysterious illnesses in our current time. Upwards of 300,000 people get diagnosed with it in the US EACH YEAR, according to the CDC. Some people heal right away with a course of antibiotics. Some people continue to battle with it year after year. Although it is a medical diagnosis known to be caused by a certain bug, there’s a huge mind-body component that determines whether you will get sick and stay sick.

Did you know that there is 1 common personality profile that Lyme disease sufferers share? In fact, most illness and various chronic conditions, like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and candida, have personality profiles associated with them.

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  1. This is very interesting. I have full blown chronic lyme, which I must have gotten over 12 years ago. I didn’t know what the cause of all the health problems was until last year. I fit your personality of lyme patients quite well and it’s only this year that I am making a strong effort to change my mindset towards life. I didn’t realize it might have an impact on my immune system as well. All the more reason to keep at it: letting go, being more in the moment and accepting what is.

    • Hi Christina! Thank you for your reply, and I’m sorry about my very delayed response.
      How has it gone with reversing your symptoms of Lyme??

      Yes, your immune system is powerfully affected by your attitudes and beliefs. Glad the post was helpful!

      Happy to support you in any way with this. I do have an awesome coaching program if you want to go deeper. It helps people to get results very quickly.
      Otherwise, stay tuned into the videos and let me know what comes up!

      -Dr. Kim

  2. Dr. Kim,

    I listened to you on the Anxiety Summit and have been viewing things on your website. Twenty-two years ago I was diagnosed with CFS. Two years ago I began working with a functional medicine D.O. who determined that the CFS was caused by Lymes disease. I have been working with him using alternative means to get well. Now we are focusing on killing Candida.

    My husband and both parents had passed away (all within 4 months’ time) five years ago. The way you described the personality of someone with Candida and Lymes pretty perfectly described me. I am the oldest of four siblings and the only girl. I was the caregiver for my husband and both parents until four months before my husband died. Two of my daughters and my youngest brother stepped up to help care for my parents.

    I want to do what I need to do now in order to allow my body to heal. I am understanding that there is a mind body connection.

    • Hi Candy.
      I am sorry about my very delayed response!! I’m just getting through all my responses now.

      I completely understand this situation. There can be so many “layers” of stuff that get created physically which reflect our inner conflicts.
      I would love to support you in this. There are several people in my online program who had Lyme diagnoses and are now experiencing health with little need for outside interventions.
      This is what happens when you come into “alignment” with your inner Truth and wellbeing.

      How has it been working with the Functional Medicine? Where are things at now?
      I do have openings in my online program, and it might be a fit for you.

      Let me know your interest and I will get you supported. It’s so much fun to see things “slip off” as you heal, and it will certainly decrease your need for outside interventions and help what you’re doing in Functional Medicine to work more quickly and smoothly.

      -Dr. Kim

  3. If a person fits this profile and has many body symptoms as well as mind/body symptoms, is it possible with one of your programs to assist the person in eliminating these things or are other interventions often needed?

    Thanks! I’m enjoying your videos.


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