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Want to INSTANTLY reverse holiday stress?

When I first learned this amazing MindBody tool, I called all my healer friends and invited them over so I could share this with them.

It’s been a mainstay of my medical practice ever since.

If you’re not familiar with “EFT Meridian Tapping” or just “Tapping,” I teach you in this video and we’ll do a short exercise that will get you in a TOTALLY different holiday spirit!!

If you’ve been less than “jolly” this will help immensely!!

Share your BIGGEST holiday challenge below!

Are you overwhelmed taking care of others? Anticipating a beat-down from your loved ones? Worried your body won’t hold up? I will support you.



  1. I really enjoy your joy…..

  2. Although you have wonderful things to say, I cannot bare to listen to you because you are one of the most hyper people I’ve ever heard!!! And you’re talking about calming the nervous system and rev mine up more than anyone!!! Try to calm down before you crash.

    • Hi love. I’m probably not the right person for you to be following or tuning in to.
      I would suggest Unsubscribing…. OR …inviting yourself to a new perspective and to release old judgments.
      Whichever feels lighter to you is the right choice.
      There’s no point following others who do not resonate for us…unless we find it useful to DUMP our old ways of seeing things to invite in a new perspective.

  3. Thanks, Dr. Kim! Never tried EFT before felt powerfully relaxed after the tapping and I wasn’t using the words! Is it OK to use EFT everyday or should it be reserved for stressful moments only? Thanks.

    • YES!! It’s okay to use as often as you like. What you want to avoid is obsessively using it to try to “get rid of” symptoms….as opposed to using it to bring yourself into greater health and wellbeing.
      (You will know the difference if you find yourself doing the latter.)
      Otherwise, Tap away!

  4. Awesome exercise! Thanks. Have been feeling under the weather, but this lifted me.


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