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Want More Joy?

A friend of mine recently, Dr. Cynthia Glickman, had a challenging experience and used it to open to more Joy.

See, Cynthia is known as “The Joy Doctor” and uses every pain, struggle, and challenge in her life as an opportunity to embrace more Joy.

Having more joy in your life does not come through hard work, trying to be positive, or faking it ’till you make it.

In fact, these paths can actually cause frustration and increase depression.

Here’s how to take a mini-retreat and use the same technique Dr. Cynthia used to open your body and mind to more Joy now!



  1. thank you

    • You are very, very welcome 🙂

  2. We lost my father to a short, but aggressive battle with cancer in 2012. After he died, I would really listen and allow the feelings and bad memories (bad memories of his constant hospital visits, his suffering, and the last two weeks of his life) to come to the surface. Instead of trying to not think of them or push those bad remembrances away, I let them come up and chewed on them while and sometimes asking myself, “why is this specific detail / memory coming up now? Why is this part significant?” As I sat with those feelings, I would then discover that there was something “unresolved” that I was feeling (ie. feelings of helplessness in not being able to save his life, for example).

    By allowing those very unpleasant feelings to come to the surface (and embracing them), I was fully able to heal much faster than those who said that they pushed away those heart-breaking thoughts.

    I now tell anyone who has experienced the passing of a loved-one to allow those very unhappy emotions to come to the surface and feel them – that if they push those feelings down, that they’ll stay down for a while, but will still be there ready to pop up unexpectedly.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this, Shawna. It’s a GREAT example of how to listen to our body and allow it’s wisdom, and how that can change our lives so profoundly.


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